Campus usury black hole: 2000 yuan 2 months to roll into 190 thousand

Boys loan sharks black hole campus

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" original title: sophomore boys in campus suspected mental disorder

black hole usury borrowed 2000 yuan two months rolled into 190 thousand

in an online news according to the Anhui daily news, Hefei Career Academy sophomore boys Kobayashi (a pseudonym into the campus), the whirlpool of usury, in September this year to lenders borrowed 2000 yuan pocket money, now just two months time, debts snowball grew nearly 100 times, everywhere daduangong parents give their savings at home, but also more than 10 thousand yuan of debt, owed the usury interest is still 170 thousand multiple. Xiao Lin has now been afraid to go to school, go home, the spirit of suspected obstacles. Because the debt collectors frequently come home, his family did not even dare to go home, had to call the police for help.

case: owed loan sharks sophomore boys was

11 20, reporters in Chaohu city to see Lin railing Town, he was hiding in his home and parents grandmother Kobayashi et al., looked indifferent, unresponsive. According to his father, Kobayashi usually is not like that, is a very lively person, "it is because of this thing, people have been petrified, feel the spirit is not normal. "

things also speak of from November 13th, the day the family suddenly received a telephone call from Kobayashi, he was on the phone with a tearful voice said," now I owe people money is not afraid to go to school, at school. "Home of the people know that their debt owed usury, and quickly come to the school to take him home.

Xiao Lin uncle fan told reporters, because the school is far away from home, Xiao Lin usually a month or so to go home once, looking for family to take the cost of living. In September this year, because it is not to take home the money the day, but the cost of living has been spent, Kobayashi with a classmate he knew before borrowed 2000 yuan, "the students now go to school, to the people on the outside of lending. "

rob Peter to pay Paul hole getting more

up Kobayashi did not even think, 2000 yuan to his own old classmates borrow, will pull themselves into a bottomless abyss of the debt, the more deeper and deeper struggle. "A week, Kobayashi this 4000 yuan money is not on, his classmates took him to a room, said that 4000 dollars is not don't go tonight. "Mr. Fan told reporters, in the evening, the man introduced a man to let Lin looking for him to borrow 4000 dollars to me." he was scared silly, the other would not let him go back to school, had to tell the person to borrow 4000 dollars, back to the first person. Then hit the IOUs, borrow this 4000 yuan 8000 yuan, the same is a week. Fan said. The

in a week, Kobayashi this 8000 yuan is not, and was introduced to the second creditors third, four creditors, from which there collected 8000 yuan, to second and third, respectively, with creditors, four creditors set a receipt, how many days of borrowed money also, but also how many, all agreed. The Kobayashi with fourth creditors to borrow 6000 yuan, 22 days after the agreed return, 10000 yuan. "He's so much debt that rob Peter to pay Paul accumulated. "Mr. Fan told reporters, Kobayashi now owed about 190 thousand yuan usury, the family took out all the savings, only 10000 yuan, giving him all her debts, now only seventeen eighty thousand yuan of debt," he this is close to $200 thousand in debt, real money borrowed for himself, just a start the 2000 pieces of money, then borrowed so much money, not by their own hand, directly back to the previous creditors. Fan said.

creditors come noisy family to the police

Kobayashi parents usually rely on to play short live, "family situation is not good, now owe so much money, where is it?" Mr. Fan said, Kobayashi came home from school, my brother's mobile phone on the day received debt the phone, a lot of people threatened not to pay back the money, see my nephew to one of his legs. Fan said, November 15th that day, there are more than a dozen people come to the money. Now my brother 's family which dare to stay at home? "

now, Mr. Fan know hide is hiding over," someone to ask for money, let him take legal proceedings. Anyway, so much money, they are also my brother sister-in-law is not in any case. "At present, Mr. Fan has been to the police for help.

reporter learned from the area police, the police have received a police family, is investigating the processing.

" Kobayashi's school boys' dormitory on the wall, this is everywhere loan advertising

visit: small ads everywhere usury school

11 the morning of 20 August, the Anhui daily record to Kobayashi's school visits, walked into the campus, the left hand the edge is not far from a dormitory, the reporter noted that the side wall of campus dormitory near main road, everywhere that printing up campus loan of small ads, content is very simple, just write a "student loan" a few numbers, here is the contact name and telephone. Reporter visited a number of dormitory buildings, many of the walls of the dormitory prominent position, there is such a campus loan advertising.

is worth mentioning is that all of these advertising contact, have been eradicated, and can not see the phone number. According to the school security office a staff, the campus is illegal lending a lot of usury, attracting students hooked, "we see a case on the eradication of a case, don't let these messages remain, in order to avoid inexperienced students cheated. "A counselor

the school also told reporters that the counselors usually open class to the class, great harm will emphasize the campus loan, to remind students not to be deceived. "But can not avoid the individual students or from other channels involved in such a campus loan. "The teacher urged the students to parents, education of children to form good money, get into the habit of thrift.

statement: borrow 2000 yuan monthly interest rate does not exceed the maximum 40 yuan

Kobayashi borrowed 2000 yuan for personal use, finally rob Peter to pay Paul until the debt owed 190 thousand yuan encounter, how far? That he first borrowed 2000 yuan of debt, the highest 1 weeks can produce much interest? The reporter consulted the Anhui lawyer Zhu Zheng Heng firm. According to Zhu Zheng

, according to the new judicial interpretation of the supreme law, private loan interest rates have two bars, one is the annual interest rate of 24%, all do not exceed the rate of return is legitimate, "that is, to borrow 10000 yuan a year the highest interest rate no more than 2400 dollars. "There is also a key value is the annual interest rate of 36%, the interest has been paid to the agreement. If the borrower has to repay the interest rate is higher than the annual interest rate of 24%, but not more than 36%, but also can, and want to come back to the law does not support. But if the interest has been paid back more than 36% of the annual interest rate, the court supports its claim to return more than part of the. In Lin's case, he borrowed 2000 yuan, the maximum annual interest can not be more than 480 yuan, a month can not be more than 40 yuan, 2000 yuan a week to borrow 4000 yuan, is certainly illegal. Zhu said, "through the form of IOU, borrow 2000 is 4000, although in the face covered interest exists, but if verified, this also belongs to illegal lending.

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