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Bracelet net subtitle handcuffs

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summary: Fortunately, the brush to the two SS bracelets, these two bracelets have the attribute is very similar, seemingly able to attack when there is a chance to make the enemy is bound, etc..

summary: Fortunately, the brush to the two SS bracelets, these two bracelets have the attribute is very similar, seemingly able to attack when there is a chance to make the enemy is bound, etc.. Class= "img_box" id= "

then the two SS bracelets are better and worse it! Give us a simple explanation.

1", we first look at the prisoners bloody

says attack handcuffs has a 5% chance of throwing a net net hit the enemy, can increase its 30% physical and magical crit rate, the effect lasts 30 seconds. But when tested, group has found that the real property and the above text is different from the literal meaning, the equipment on the net, only hit the enemy, can increase its 30% physical and magical crit rate, but after my test, that is not the case, the actual situation no matter whether it is a snare hit enemy, will increase the physical and magical crit, and increase the physical and magical crit is not 30%, the following is a total of 3 pictures are representative of the first picture is initially killed the first map strange wait for their properties map this time there is no crit bonus, which is your true crit rate, we see is 60.8%.

#p#: #e#

" second picture and the third picture is I just Daguai moment to open their own panel, see property map, we see below this kind of circumstance, the bracelet property has been triggered, but I see the physical crit rate increase value and not 30%, because in addition to the title: beyond the day - Wei Shou Ling Rui what no other equipment can increase physical crit, Rui Ling Shou Wei - day only 5% crit, triggering effect is 10%.

" but look at the picture below, my physical crit is terrible for 112.8%, a 52% increase physical crit, I dare not say those crits are imprisoned in the bloody handcuffs effect however, this bracelet for those physical and magical crit serious shortage of role, is really very good.

I was wondering, do not know is how to increase the crit, sometimes 93%, sometimes or what numbers, but all in all, this bracelet increased double crit value is very high, the terrible, even according to the text that the equipment is increased by 30% very good, especially with the crit damage weapon is more perfect, such as ghost swordsman name knife - authentic view of the world.

2, then we look at the Fantian offering Bracelet

let's look at the text introduction

increased 10% double crit

attack when there is a 5% chance that all enemies hit the enemy within 200px around into a bound state. The effect lasts for 4 seconds (10 seconds)

attack, have a 5% chance to hit the enemy all enemies within 250px around 4 seconds into the burn state (5 second cooldown) hurt +20%

hurt +20%

on the bound state of the enemy to burn under the condition of the enemy after reading the above text we can conclude the following

(1) to trigger the bondage and burns state, not all the blame to the abnormal state, only a small range of the enemy will be added to the abnormal state (200px and 250px), the range of how much, you can use the TGP's own Tencent feel, is actually very small.

(2) trigger special effect probability is not 100%, but only about 5%, what is the concept of a few pictures! Here is the red eye brush steel arm, is probably an average of 2 landslide hit or 4-5 flat X can appear special effects (2 picture below is the result of the test) so, the probability is not very high, but barely acceptable.

(3) even triggering a special effect on bound or burn state of the enemy and has seemingly increased damage the title of conflict, and the fact that increases the damage of title or other equipment conflict.

1, who was imprisoned in summary: the blood stained

in handcuffs: just a simple increase in cool crit, increase value very much, and the trigger effect upon the effect of the duration is 30 seconds, in fact, is the whole double crit

suitable for all the poor,

artifact artifact does not apply for those who have full crit game player no use.

2, the

's bracelet Fantian offering increased 12 and 10% of the double ignition property enhancement crit, can have a chance to trigger bondage or burns, damage is increased by 20% to more than the enemy, but after all, is the probability of the trigger does not guarantee full.

: applicable to all the poor, but also the artifact, and the artifact is not an artifact in the

does not apply to have the title or other damage increased armor role, because of the existence of conflict damage.

for a poor game player, regardless of any one of the above SS bracelet, with it, the attribute is very good, but if you have two words, or recommend wearing prisoners bloody handcuffs.

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