Yao Di at home with a pot of soup, and then by the net friend crazy scold

Net friend Yao Di pot soup at home

tanzi· 2016-11-23 05:58:46

Yao Di is now slowly getting ready to work out, so the news about her is getting up.

yesterday, she Po a group of their own is stew in the micro-blog pictures, simply introduce the stew of raw materials, and said he is very virtuous.

" according to her micro-blog said, according to the photos of her assistant, although Yao Di did not reveal a whole face, but it is the makeup look good, like "img_box

" also carefully labeled material picture "img_box" id= "

" this picture looks a bit warm and virtuous.

" but did not think that Yao Di is just the sun himself quietly soup at home, there is no other like it as what the self, what make careful machine, he was friends scold badly.

and condemning are basically this point to the third from Yao Di and Ma Yili before, and these comments like the number of points is very high.

" brother also did not think of, you can scold scold Yao Di mistress for so long, things have already gone for a long time. In fact,

Yao Di is a pity, the original Li Shaohong version of "a dream of Red Mansions" in Wang Xifeng, her acting is very suck powder

" was about constantly, acting and Yan, Yao Di with "naked marriage age", "Beijing youth", "33 days" and show good performance, a lot of it or powder.

but all of this, but she and Ma Yili in the end in marriage, when Ma Yili was pregnant.

"since the events of the past, the apology and return to the family, should adhere to the business still insist, the appearance is still in appearance, and the concept of anti Yao Di, and seems to disappear.

thought that things in the past so long, the public has forgotten the anger, so Yao Di now gradually began to participate in the program, to appear in front of the public, but unexpectedly, the public still did not forget this thing, for Yao Di's abuse and disdain completely lost that year, and to the article, some of the abuse to today is not less than.

believes that this year, Hawick Lau Ma Rong also suspected of cheating and Lin Dan, their life is not public slobber.

this is probably a stumble through hate it, the moral of the line, you had better not to challenge, after all, the public did not get amnesia, some wrong not you recognize the public must forgive.

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