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fenghuangyule· 2016-11-23 06:00:45

" Li Chen entertainment news recently, some friends broke the news in April this year, Li Chen shares the automobile trading company "BITAUTO road", bought a white Porsche, in the sales process, the car has never been told serious wading car, and when she wanted to sell the car when the shot again recently, learned the truth in a 4S shop inspection.

22 evening, Li Chen studio responded on the matter, said Li Chen as a partner, but did not participate in the daily operation of the company, Li Chen learned that after this event, very seriously, the incident was reported before repeatedly contact Ms. Lee, sincere attitude.

" micro-blog

Li Chen Li Chen screenshot micro-blog studio full text:

"BITAUTO road" by Mr. Li Chen as the automobile culture communication company partner and a few friends founded. Since the date of the establishment of the company, the daily operation of the senior professional team responsible.

related media reports mentioned in the "Ms. Lee car buying incident" occurred, Mr. Li Chen very seriously. According to the company's management process, Mr. Li Chen listened to the description of the company timely relevant responsible person of the incident, and understand that this incident was reported in the media, the management of the company to meet, telephone, SMS and other ways and Lee repeated communication, even in Ms. Lee did not receive SMS reply case by the official website of Beijing Yi of second-hand car platform released micro-blog, hope that through every possible channel and contact Ms. lee. Mr. Li Chen

is not involved in the company's daily operations, but that the company has repeatedly and contact Ms. Lee after unsuccessful communication, still hope the company can further understand customer Lee demands, to establish good communication. All along, BITAUTO road has been to service first as the basic maxim, willing to accept the supervision of the news media and the public.

we believe that Ms. Lee event will be in the joint efforts of both sides to promote the final solution. The statement above as related to this event information capture, companies are being original. Subsequent processing of information on this event will be published in the official micro-blog. Finally, I wish Miss Lee, happy life and career.

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