Zhang Zilin is the least of the sun 's kids.

Actress Zhang Zilin child daughter

shishangCOSMO· 2016-11-23 06:01:46

" recently in micro-blog Zhang Zilin drying out her daughter long hair photos, comments, and is a good thing, her lovely. Since her daughter was born, she has a high frequency of drying the child, but it does not make people hate, which in addition to her own intimate attributes associated, so many years she has done very well. Class=

impression that her daughter just was born not long, did not expect to start long hair now. Starting point of everyone's attention is the baby very long legs, inherited good genes Zi Lin and her husband, later found that facial features look equally good, big eyes are very charming.

" Zhang Zilin always dressed her daughter is very cute, but the baby will be very fit to make all kinds of funny face, every time I see a COCO feel to show baby or baby good won't let people off.

" photos are always smile to sing the way, every time to see micro-blog Zhang Zilin released pictures of his daughter, will make people feel very good mood, may is the little angel look. Dynamic class= video

book is adorable all over, all kinds of tricks are done very cute.

Zhang Zilin to participate in the miss world famous for so many years, she also personally convey beauty, beauty, may be one of the reasons why she was love.

" as Chinese first miss world, when creating the history of Zhang Zilin has got much attention, it unfolds the confident and calm demeanor is to let the world shine at the moment, she as a representative of female Chinese new age is very convincing.

" then she has also appeared in several film and television works, although not too typical, but let people licking the screen is enough.

her positive energy image has also been recognized by all sectors of the community, she engaged in a lot of social activities after the game.

08 years as the Olympic torch, 10 years is to become the World Expo Volunteer Ambassador sun, her positive image is able to inspire infected everyone.

" caring for children with autism, attention to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau environmental governance project, we can see Zhang Zilin to pay.

" she is more representative of beauty in Chinese national publicity film, to the international community to show the independence of women Chinese confidence.

" can be said whether big or small, Zhang Zilin in all aspects to give us a good show, even the car travel with children this matter, her professional practice is to be a policeman's praise.

" we search the name of Zhang Zilin doesn't have a negative news, reports about her is very positive and positive, it can be said that this is their usual continuous public impression of strict demands on themselves after the results.

" in the life of Zhang Zilin is fond of sports, every time her the photo to COCO a lot of incentive, really want to have a healthy active lifestyle is enough to learn from Zhang Zilin.

"the Zhang Zilin family life, happiness is not good. She and her boyfriend outside Nie Lei in 3 years after Phuket Island announced last year this year, marriage, pregnancy, birth baby. Every time they look at the couple's photos will feel washed eyes, is the combination of the prince and the princess.

" will now Zi Lin in micro-blog from time to time sun husband with children photos, see is a responsible father carefully.

said so much, I hope everyone can be as good as Zhang Zilin life, live out their own wonderful. Class= img_box "

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