2016 the latest global university employment rankings released

University ranking employment ability

tengxunjiaoyu· 2016-11-23 08:44:23

"times higher education" issued the latest "global university employment ability list", a total of 11 British universities in the top 150 has the strongest ability of university employment, the United States has 37. The first of these was the California Institute of Technology.

University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, London, foreign colleges, University of Manchester, are famous on the pound. Among them, University of Cambridge ranked first in the UK, fourth in the world.

according to the person in charge, in the assessment of College Students' employment ability, career experience is the most important. In addition, they also pay attention to the professional level, at least two of the students foreign language proficiency (course). Although foreign language is regarded as an important task in the work, the British students do not seem to pay much attention to foreign language, and this situation will not be improved in a short time. Britain should encourage students to learn foreign languages. Although

admits recruiters famous university students' employment ability is not strong, but because of too many applicants, the competitiveness is too large, they will still consider the school ranked in the recruitment time.

with the British off Europe and Trump elected president of the United States, the political turmoil, more and more students want to study in the future work of famous universities to lay the foundation for the future.

this is the "global university rankings" employment ability in the top 10 of the University and the national California Institute of Technology:




4. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harvard University University of Cambridge Stanford University Yale University >6.



8. America University of Oxford Princeton University University of Tokyo Technical University of Munich Germany

9. Japan


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