Campus lending behind the debt arena: active in the QQ group has the same strategy"

The main group the Raiders QQ group campus latent

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Bianwei campus loan involved in "bare loan", Hefei, Suzhou two college girls are private photos online exposure, Chaohu sophomore boys campus borrow usury, borrowing 2000 yuan two months rolled into 190 thousand yuan. Recently, the Anhui business daily variant of the campus loan, naked bar and other loan traps were reported. Behind these private lending, hidden a lot of people do not know the debt chain. The country has a large number of "push off", they lurk in a noisy crowd, on orders to make money, the general can get the amount of arrears 25% commission. The reporter "latent" across a debt group for several days, they found that with noisy Raiders also, have unified words, to "take things every time before debt, have tattoos, wearing a gold necklace best. The reporter posing as reminders to the debtor to call off, call each other a scare. Lawyers said, so that the legal liability caused by the urge to push off the debt, the employer should also bear.

debt group also can develop offline offline to discuss money "filial piety" on-line

reporters through the QQ search keyword "debt", out of the country hundreds of various forms of debt, many debt group, by a private lending P2P software founded, set up a "rudder" in the country, an arena atmosphere. The P2P software as a reminder of the special registration of the entrance, the industry will urge the debt person as a reminder.

reporter registered a reminder of this software, just like the best step, drops taxi, like the registration of the nearest search after a single list, received a list can get the payment of arrears of 25%~30% as a commission. It is worth mentioning that the push off is still "old and new" packages, a push off the development of offline, the offline success for six months in arrears, arrears collection back to 5 per thousand, as the "King Shicha" to honor the line.

reporter added around the country more than and 10 noisy group, every day, these groups have urged the guests from all corners of the country and the exchange of experience. Reporters noted that a lot of QQ nickname is * * * debt company, active in a number of groups, GF ads for single. Every day, there are a lot of new entrants into the debt group, mostly part-time". As a veteran urge passengers said, urging passengers occupation accounted for more than a few, must be not married or divorced can do, but also to "naive" stage fright". Many newcomers to the group, will be issued such as "I am in Tunxi, Mount Huangshan, there can be a debt nearby?" In general there will be a lender to take it to the next single, the two sides to discuss the percentage of commission. The observation for several days, the reporter noticed a pattern: debt many practitioners belong to different regions, interact very frequently, formed a relatively stable group of collective interests. More frightening is that these debt organization responsible for regularly held seminars in a city, and seminar photos, information content, distributed to creditors groups across the country.

door Dunning "things to take" a tattoo and gold necklace better

in group file many noisy group, share the "debt flow" "debt flow and objection handling strategy" and other documents, read carefully found that almost all of the creditors share the same organization the debt. Among the three steps in the process of urging the debt process, respectively, the phone call reminders, the first door, the second door.

phone noisy design the words, tone relatively gentle, "hello! * * * Sir / madam, we are * * * * city * debt to call you, it is because you have a * * * * yuan arrears has not yet, the money when you can return it?" If the phone off or communication is invalid, the debt will be the first to call home.

in accordance with the Raiders, Dunning people in debt to people near the fork, the key Front Gate, unit door, near the landmark each take a picture. At this time the mood has changed to threatening words act tough and talk soft.

second door, if not to rush to take money, Dunning notices posted around the debt family, "let the scandal known".

strategy in the original wrote: I believe that you see so many small video should know how to deal with, and things to bring together."

in a noisy crowd, the reporter pretending to novice, asking "what is something" means, have urged guests reply: "every time the door will take a horn, have tattoos, wearing a gold necklace best. As for the 'things', you fight bare-handed ah?"

"under unloading arm leg" for a rush off employers more cautious


however, reporters in the noisy group "latent" days, also found no debt to the debtor who really start. A lot of reminders of the debt, some "ruthless role" will ask: "do you want to see some blood?" There are lenders orders in the group said, who wants to depend on, looking for a nearby noisy home lesson. At this time, there is always a ruthless role came out, asking price how to calculate, under the arm, unloading legs, broken several ribs, charges are not the same."

but these words do not have a market order, lenders always tell them to pay attention to the consequences, "you that thousands of Yuan rebate, threw himself into the police station does not pay, I will follow go to jail."

in a lot of debt in the group, the main group will remind some noisy people new groups, usually see more of the legal aspects of the book. However, not expecting them to learn, law-abiding, but let them do things to master the furnace, "what to be sentenced, into what kind of security detention, these have to know." All creditors are active in a group, to help the franchise "call you die" software "baton baton" to "listen" candid camera "voice to change the phone number and other equipment, that can assist creditors.

as a reporter unannounced visits to urge the man scared off debt debt repeatedly begged

unannounced visits, the reporter noted that there are a lot of Hefei and the surrounding areas of the noisy organization.

November 20th in Hefei, a local debt group, the reporter tries to pick up a list of lenders, the man Wu Dong (a pseudonym) in the mortgage photos, video information to reporters, let reporters in accordance with the Raiders in the noisy words, first call Wu Dong dunning. Wu Dong owe the lender 15600 yuan, the other promised if successful reminders back the money, the reporter took 3000 yuan rebate, and told reporters that he did not mention the speech".

reporter dialed the phone Wu Dong, the first three are not connected. Fourth finally turned on, the reporter in accordance with the words of the debt obligation Raiders said: "Wu Dong is it?"" Each other carefully asked what the reporter is doing, the reporter then will be ready to drill a good word. Wu Wei Wei, Luigi Nono, said it is not to want to return, is a real no money, and then let him for a month. In the end, Wu Dong begged reporters do not find him, afraid to let people know that "words scare.

reporter then bright Ming identity, warned that it should also be on the money as soon as possible, and to remind him after a reasonable consumption, away from this network lending, the better.

the phone noisy "failure" of the reporter down the single man, "report" to the other requirements of the reporter home reminders, told reporters that his courage small, afraid of conflict, rejected the list, and exit the noisy group.

, lawyer's argument that the violence in the case of an accident should bear the responsibility of the debt of

this kind of employment other people to help their own reminders of the alleged crime? Anhui Tian Heng law firm lawyers Zhu Zheng said, looking for someone to help their debt, if there is a relationship between the parties, in itself is not illegal. But in reality, a lot of people in the act of urging the debt obligation to act in the act, is to be subject to legal sanctions, the employer should bear legal liability.

Zhu Zheng also noted that many private lending platform for the development of a large number of part-time to push off the phenomenon. He said, extreme collection methods, violated the debtor's right of privacy, personal and property damage of the debtor, constitutes a violation of the law, who commissioned them to debt Platform party or employers will assume joint responsibility. "The Internet environment Crowdsourcing debt, debt principal, is indeed a lot of bad debts, and eliminate lending platform as a means of disposal of non-performing loans, but the debt behavior is difficult to control platform, to the creditor." Zhu Zheng said that the way in which this lending has brought great convenience at the same time, the drawbacks and legal risks can not be ignored. Zhu political reminder, the public should be cautious in contact with the network to borrow, to avoid falling into the trap of all kinds of private lending. Creditors to recover debts should also be selected to the court for compulsory execution and other judicial means.

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