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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-11-23 11:12:44

is in charge of daily operation of Ubisoft's vice president Anne Blondel-Jouin said in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Ubisoft will no longer affect game player full experience of DLC charge, which is from "Rainbow Six:" success in obtaining siege experience.

"Rainbow Six": the siege of

Blondel-Jouin is to say: "(the content) of money is a thing we are very careful, my team is responsible for ensuring that we find the right balance. The key to "

" is that if we add something that is not a real game experience, that's not good. Because you're asking for money from the players for the wrong reason. In the same way, if the content is necessary for the players, that is not good. This (DLC) is a way of passing more pleasure to the players, but they have the right to choose whether they need the extra pleasure. "

" I now use amusement park to play for example, you can go to play all the facilities inside, but you can also go to the store to buy some food, goods, or whatever...... Whether or not you spend the time in the store, you still have a full play experience. No one will force you when you don't want to buy something, but this is another way to get a different entertainment experience. If you are with your child, you have a toy that you want to start with, we will make sure you give you an extra experience. It won't be the case that you can't do anything else that you don't buy. "

" DLC is made for the players who have to buy is not used. There will be no more you can not buy a complete game experience DLC. You now have a game, if you want to expand its play, you can get free DLC, or not. It depends on how you want to expand it. "

" Rainbow Six: Siege "DLC strategy is the player can get all the extra maps, but the new role and the role of the custom content can be paid to buy. Last year's "halo 5" and the recent release of the "Titan 2" has also taken a similar strategy. Players who buy the game can play all the maps and models of the game without paying extra money, which makes them want to stay in the game for a long time.

"Titan heaven 2"

Blondel-Jouin said the strategy to "Rainbow Six: Siege" in business and daily active number of game player has been successful. She added: "we are very happy with the new character of the Rainbow Six: siege, they can customize the role of weapons and shape. But if they don't do it, they will have the same experience as the rest of the players. It's just a part of our extra income, but the players are willing to pay for it. If the players are not happy, we will not ask them to ask for more money. "

" does have some business impact on us. This also for Ubisoft and game player are much more fair, we also gave the game player an additional proposal, regardless of whether they accept it. This is because the game player who transferred to the highest possible quality products is the responsibility of ubisoft. If you make a nuisance of a toy, no matter what brand it is, no one will buy it. We want the creative team to make the best of the players, and this will be a win-win situation. "

as a player, naturally happy to see manufacturers in this way to the subsequent support of the game, but also hope that more companies can join the ranks of. And when it comes to the text mentioned in the "Rainbow Six: Siege", it has announced a new Japanese DLC, which contains two new roles.

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