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" lead: Yes, this article aims to convince you to happily buy links page, hard to buy it! After all, you are very difficult to have the opportunity, and that person, or the memory of that time, in the scene to listen to a "on me eyes".

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now Symphony Orchestra often ask the game company to authorize them to hold a game concert, which is unimaginable four or five years ago. In the past, the proud Symphony Orchestra has always regarded the game as the children's entertainment, the game music is only one kind of non - flow music branch. Now, game music has proved its position through its remarkable artistic achievement and the strong recognition of the audience.

final fantasy series of games, which has been published since 1987 has launched 14, will soon usher in the fifteenth part, it is accompanied by numerous game player growth, carrying countless memories, many people today still remember those beautiful voices in the final fantasy battle, painting the background music, the magnificent symphony, impressive profound roles for the theme song, now give you a chance, you will want to visit the scene with his ears to listen to?

led the new wave of electronic music game re starting a rock band coming North of Guangzhou

known as the father of Final Fantasy Music with Mr. Matsunobu O, will bring EARTHBOUND PAPAS band to China again, in December 14th in Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall in Beijing, December 16th the exhibition hall theatre in Shanghai in December 18th and launched its "EARTHBOUND space PAPAS / Uematsu Nobuo 2016 concert".

this band is different from the previous Blackmages The low-key, but in Japan and the international arena frequently active in. And in 2014 went to Hongkong to perform, in 2015 went to Shanghai, Beijing performances. In 2013 and Rhea of the game's keyboard music game "Deemo" cooperation, make the rich electronic music and rock music elements "Metal Hypnotized" let the game player experience variable style keyboard part.

" band members are video game composer and arranger who is famous in Japan, long-term cooperation with Uematsu Nobuo music.

band members are video game composer and arranger who is famous in Japan, long-term cooperation with Uematsu Nobuo music.

including guitarist and keyboardist Narita Qin, representative: "Final Fantasy ten", "Final Fantasy fourteen", "liberation" blade; bassist

Hong Tian Jiaxiao, representative: "mainland", "tower shadow hearts", "Street Fighter Zero 3";

guitarist Gang Gong Tao Sheng and game producer, guitarist and composer active in multiple identities. Representative: "unforgiven", "Lotus king", "fantasy life";

drummer Fujioka Chihiro, is now the Nintendo Co employ special development guidance. While doing business software development, while as part of the activities of the band drummer percussion. The representative works: "the rogue warrior", "Mario and Luigi", "super Mario RPG" and so on.

the tour organizers Yongle acting and dimensional matrix announced, "EARTHBOUND PAPAS / Uematsu Nobuo 2016 concert" the Beijing Railway Station, Guangzhou Railway Station is now officially billing ShangHai Railway Station has been on sale! PAPAS

EARTHBOUND is a leading rock / metal band formed by the famous Japanese musician Uematsu Nobuo in 2011. It is the main performance of the final fantasy series. The band's founder Uematsu Nobuo, is a Japanese video game famous composer, known as the "Final Fantasy" series soundtrack, known as the "Final Fantasy" one of the big three game series. He has made a significant contribution to the electronic game music culture, people think that he promoted the value and awareness of electronic game music. One of the most people familiar with the "Final Fantasy 8" theme song - "on Me Eyes", is composed by Uematsu Nobuo and the production of works. And "Eyes on Me" by Chinese pop singer Faye Wong, a sales record of 400 thousand, becoming the first to win the fourteenth Japan Gold Disc Awards -1999 "song of the Year Award (International)" video game music. "Final Fantasy" music makes Uematsu Nobuo's popularity greatly increased, he in the "time" magazine "times 100: the second wave - Music" elected "innovator" in the possession of a seat.

Uematsu Nobuo Eyes On Pro Tam keyboard melody Me to reproduce the classic "img_box" id= class=

of the concert, Mr. Uematsu Nobuo served as the keyboard player, full participation in the play. Widely known as "Eyes On Me" we will also be in the repertoire, many live interactive sessions, people are looking forward to. The "Final Fantasy 8" appeared to be FF series of movies and music to its peak, in which the same great power. The majority of Asian players to make the most impressive, is the first day of the song Faye Wong singing "on Me Eyes". Different from the previous dynasties, this does not have the role of theme song. FF8 with love as the theme of the plot, more than being accused of lack of depth and child female state. But all of the other FF series of the theme song can not be compared with the place is that, "on me Eyes" highly fit the story of FF8. Being called by a lot of fans can cause people to the best memories of the most profound memories of the music can visit the site to listen to it is also considered a very good thing.

although we do not know exactly how to charm some just contact the final fantasy series today will find "Eyes on me" miss and remember, but Mr. uematsu was in his way, his music has been active in the broader place. Music is the perfect carrier, Mr. Uematsu's song perfect interpretation of the "fantasy" of the word, and the whole world view of FF complement each other, in order to be more involved in the story of the digital world to do the work.

the concert ticket information is as follows:

EARTHBOUND PAPAS / Uematsu Nobuo 2016 Concert - Guangzhou Railway Station

time :12 14 April 19:30

place : Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall

:RMB 280/480/680/880

fare ticket agent : 4006-228-228/

EARTHBOUND PAPAS / Uematsu Nobuo Yongle ticketing 2016 Concert - Beijing Railway Station

time :12 < / month Strong>16 19:30

location : Beijing Exhibition Center Theater ticketing agent

: 4006-228-228/

EARTHBOUND PAPAS / Yongle ticketing Uematsu Nobuo 2016 Concert - ShangHai Railway Station

time :12 18 April 19:30

place : Shanghai and the space

ticketing agent : Yongle ticketing machine 4006-228-228/

As the only nuclear cooperation in sales, the performance content and tickets are solely responsible for the logistics of Yongle ticketing, if there is any performance problems please contact Yongle ticketing Advisory: 4006-228-228

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