A license plate shot 3 million 200 thousand, who can benefit from it?

License plate from the middle Jieyang social assistance

xinkuaibaoZAKERguang· 2016-11-23 13:38:40

- He Yonghai

according to reports, the day before, Guangdong city of Jieyang province held in 2016 the first phase of the car license number issued public auction bidding will be issued public auction, Guangdong V99999, Guangdong VQ8888 80 car license plate. Staff said, 80 pairs of plates in the day of the auction will be taken out, which Guangdong V99999 to 3 million 200 thousand yuan traded price shot, once again refresh the mainland China license plate price record.

a license plate turned out to be 3 million 200 thousand yuan price shot, won the mainland's most expensive license plate title, it is amazing. Some people think that a good way to handle license plate auction is not good, because whether ordinary or license plate, license plate number, belong to public resources, not to auction, wealthy people enjoy the "good" privilege, but should be fair Yaohao, ordinary people also have the opportunity to get to. The license plate auction number is unfair. This argument seems reasonable, the key issue is that if you do not take auction, it can open up the license plate number of fair participation Yaohao?

will be pretty mixed in ordinary license plate license plate number which participate in wave number, but is in the form of equity, may lurk more unfair. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, former director of Song Jianguo, is the Beijing A license plate into a shake Qian Shu, in order to change the interests of the license. In addition to reduced the abuse of power tools, its license plate may also be used to speculation turns, booming, pocketed layers. With the "Beijing A license plate, Xinhua news agency also reported that some fried card selling ordinary Beijing A license plate price 200 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan," Beijing A8 "for 600 thousand to 800 thousand yuan. If you like V99999, Guangdong Jieyang Guangdong VQ8888 license plate number, in Yaohao may into the market speculation.

in fact, at present, the auction is relatively fair way to dispose of scarce license plate resources. This is our most concern, so many good, a total of how much money the license plate auction, so high income auction where to go? According to the provisions of Guangdong province "small car number plates issued" Interim Measures for the administration of the bidding and auction income paid in full for the financial expenditure, social rescue Fund for road traffic accidents. This provision is no doubt good. However, whether the final price plate auction revenues the real use of the social rescue fund for road traffic accidents, but also rely on the publicity related detailed data to prove.

however, according to the survey, the provinces in the source of the social assistance fund for traffic accidents, budget and final accounts are not detailed data publicity. Guangdong province traffic light rescue fund Secretary General Wang Jian in 2015 also told the media that the total revenue of Guangdong traffic accident social rescue fund has more than 2 billion yuan, but in 2014, a few only really go out, about one hundred thousand. This can not help worrying: price of license plate auction revenues are not lying on account of "sleep", did not play its due role, and even become the relevant departments of the small Treasuries? And so, as the number of auction proceeds for road construction, to increase public transport, fast and comfortable public the traffic, so that people can fully benefit.

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