In the time-honored Qingfeng trademark rights predicament rights 3 years bun only awarded 50 thousand

Qingfeng time-honored brand Baozipu trademark infringement case Li Gui

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after 3 years of "Beijing Qingfeng" and "Shandong Qingfeng" near name infringement case settled. But the old rights of the war can be a full stop, still remains to be seen. From some of the actual effect of the rights of the old name, Li Kui fight to win the lawsuit, but can not stop the "Li Gui" continued infringement.

rights 3 years awarded 50 thousand

and Qingfeng food court, is a time-honored Qingfeng Bao zipu first rights through legal means. That the news, Qingfeng Bao zipu deputy general manager Xu Lin and some franchisees said happily, "finally got to protect time-honored brand."

Xu Lin said, June 2013, Qingfeng Bao zipu ready to enter the Shandong open chain, but because the Qingfeng catering company in 2009 registered "Ji'nan Qingfeng Catering Management Company Limited", resulting in Qingfeng Bao zipu shop difficult. Qingfeng baozi Pu, Qingfeng catering company to "Qingfeng" in the name of the business, business and Beijing Qingfeng Bao zipu registered trademark of the same or similar goods and services, which allow consumers to produce confusion and Qingfeng of catering company Qingfeng Bao zipu, violated the Qingfeng Bao zipu registration trademark. According to

, the catering Qingfeng Qingfeng Bao zipu sued the Ji'nan intermediate people's court, requesting an order to immediately stop using the "Qingfeng food containing Qingfeng" in the name of the name of the enterprise; published a statement, the elimination of the impact; 500 thousand yuan compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses 90 thousand yuan.

, however, the case in Ji'nan City Intermediate People's court verdict, the Shandong provincial high court trial were sentenced to two, Qingfeng catering Qingfeng Bao zipu do not infringe upon the exclusive right to use a registered trademark. Qingfeng baozi Pu refuses to accept, then to the supreme law apply for retrial. At the end of last year, the highest law ruling arraignment the case, and announced the verdict on the day before: the revocation of the previous judgment, Qingfeng identified food infringement, and sentenced him to stop infringement, compensation 50 thousand yuan, Qingfeng baozi pu.

rights for 3 years, pay a huge cost of litigation, Qingfeng Bao zipu only got 50 thousand yuan compensation.

as "Li Gui" infringement Qingfeng Bao zipu had to face a real problem: won the lawsuit, but can prevent the "Li Gui" continued infringement, is still unknown.

is the time-honored inline into this embarrassing.

win the lawsuit, adults or endless." In conjunction with the deputy general manager Cheng Xu introduced by the end of last year, 4 years of continuous neiliansheng sued Fulian or "trademark infringement case. But he soon found that over the past year, "Fu Sheng" official website continues to run, and constantly update the news to join, "stores in Beijing, the three or four line of the city, almost one day a store opened." It is understood that the walking "Fulian or" registered in Beijing miyun. The verdict was issued, in conjunction with the report to the local business sector fordland rise "infringement, but has no below. "The name has not changed, still live a good life." Cheng Xu said.

even more troubling is around, "or" two words, the other actually registered more than and 20 trademarks, such as "u-land L", "Xiang Lian Sheng", "Bu Lian Sheng" etc.. The other even Bianzhuohuayang registered "Gifford Lian Sheng", "auspicious Lian Sheng", even "love fu l" trademark. "We're applying for one of them. Has removed 1/3." But from the submission of the application to the final completion of the final, the first half of the year. This allows the old into an endless war of rights.

is considered a registration fee and a lawyer fee, the other one, about 2000 dollars to spend, we withdraw, it will cost 10000 dollars." Cheng Xu believes that compared to the cost of infringement, the cost of rights is too high.

cross rights is a bit difficult in recent years, in addition to Qingfeng Bao zipu, inline, daoxiangcun, Wang Zhihe, Xiang, Tongrentang and many other capital time-honored, have infringed. With the emphasis on the time-honored brand, "Li Kui" and "Li Gui" the battle of wits is even more dazzling, even some time-honored and Li Gui court.

but litigation rights, but also some people think that the cost is too heavy. According to reports, this year is the legal fees and other expenses, as on the rights of spent wuliushiwan yuan. Xu Lin told reporters that the company customer service will often received some reports of consumers, said the discovery of "fake" Qingfeng baozi pu. In general, Qingfeng Bao zipu choose counterfeiting by way of industrial and commercial, to solve the problem.

old rights of another problem is that some of the old capital in Beijing can be effectively protected, but the infringement in Beijing due to various reasons, but can not stop. Cheng Xu believes that due to the supreme law of the verdict, according to the commerce department in conjunction with the may report, the other has not set up a shop in Beijing, "but the field, are beyond the reach of the." Reporter Sun Jie

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