Papi sauce partner to respond, and Luo Ji thinking really break up


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Papi sauce, a person's popularity can not support a company's future, there is no investment in the logic of thinking, she and her partner have to wade out a new way.

" is like a lively and see the twists and turns of series finale, about Papi sauce and Luo Zhenyu the small red net era drama finally reached a point. Earlier this year, relying on a short video popular Papi sauce has just reached the peak of the public attention, Xu Xiaoping and Luo Zhenyu announced to invest Papi sauce. But since April of this year's Papi sauce patch advertising auction, but there have been news reports Luo Zhenyu and Papi sauce cooperation rupture.

I do not know how many people remember the investment reached before, to the campaign, Luo Zhenyu and Papi sauce took a photo of two hands, the book is "inevitable" respectively and "forecast" - looking back, the title is like the early disclosure of the same diversity.

this afternoon, Papi sauce partner, thunder to listen to ray CEO on these days outside the Papi sauce and Luo Zhenyu investment relationship rupture rumors in the circle of friends published a response to WeChat. The core information include:

1, a donation, and the school relation has never been broken, this month just received full payment next year to release details about donations;

2, the logic of thinking, in the clear "get" after their original business exit all the investment projects, Papi is just one of them;

3, Papi WeChat video reading are millions, in the micro-blog play several more amount of billions of dollars, the number of fans around the platform is still in growth, micro-blog has been the number of fans 20 million;

4, the advertising business, L'OREAL has been working, leisure interest, health, will see the next Papi sauce with several international big brand cooperation, a top international director will also appear in the Papi video in

5 sauce; about papitube, all in the exploration, Papi is not just red The. I don't want to say too much, do not want to respond to a lot of things, know your bother auction news, you want to do, low-key way. Short video of this thing, in China, but also very long.

cut straight press, the logic of thinking CEO Li Tiantian (don't take off) to 36 krypton interview to respond. Luo Zhenyu is in this statement under the message, "rivers and lakes on this, do not mind. There are always people who would like to see a joke.

query the national enterprise credit information publicity system can be found, the withdrawal of the logic thinking as early as August this year has been completed. August 29th spring, listen to the thunder to remove the investment logic thinking of the main business of Beijing thinking creation Cci Capital Ltd in the column of the remaining shareholders, shareholders Yang Ming, Jiang Yilei (Papi sauce, real name) it real fund, capital and capital source map.

exit as early as the signal, as the logic of thinking investment Papi sauce is also prior publicity. Li Tiantian, in a speech in July this year, said Luo Ji Thinking to invest in this matter to draw a full stop, in order to focus on the "get" knowledge of the business. After the B round of financing billion yuan, the logic of thinking began to invest in some of the contents of the entrepreneurial project. In addition to Papi sauce, Luo Ji Thinking of the investment target and from the media public number Hu Xinshu, Zhang Defen, training institutions EQ gas station, etc..

another industry sources, after the logic of thinking out of these projects, Xu Xiaoping will offer it real fund. 36 krypton on this news to fund it real confirmation, the other said no comment.

"22 million yuan, turnover!

this is the glorious moment of Luo Zhenyu and Yang Ming in 2016, the time is in April this year, the site is Beijing The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Papi sauce patch advertising auction. A patch of advertising transaction price is 22 million yuan, Luo Zhenyu and Yang Ming completed a difficult thing to do. This auction will be marketing a high degree of concern, even the scene has become a way of questioning and placards with the flow of the hot rub. Down to earth such as hot strip production company, range of science and technology such as smart TV manufacturers, through the name of a Papi sauce speculation.

only, whether before or after, Luo Zhenyu and Yang Ming are not afraid this auction is likely to cop-out. They cooperate to accomplish through the auction number, location of Papi sauce first content information stream network red marker in the Internet world, other purposes are ranked in the following. Luo Zhenyu said the spot can provide creative and advisory services for the cosmetics e-commerce company for beauty beautiful makeup. After a full 7 months, we only in the push to see the value of Papi sauce in November 7th that 22 million, not how clever the placement of ads, to remind you to watch the eve of the eleven pairs of Tmall live.

Papi sauce is still the most concerned about this year's net red, Yang Ming provided by the figures also corroborated this point. But after the most noisy uproar, she and partner Yang Ming both need to find a more lasting way, leading to commercial realization.

11 month 22 days, Yang Ming received 36 krypton exclusive interview, in addition to response to rumors and logic thinking, he also said that the current emphasis will be on the video content discovery channel papitube on polymerization.

Papitube the size of the current staff of about 30 people, micro-blog fans in the amount of 410 thousand, mainly by the early Papi sauce diversion. Yang Ming hope to be able to use the Papi sauce fans accumulated and ready-made experience, papitube will be made into an incubator to hatch more short video. Food and beauty will be one of the two pillars in the incubator can be stable after the production of large, papitube may make these large independent, and then according to their characteristics of individual business planning.

Yang Ming is also available as a star broker, one of his ideas is, let the female star makeup on papitube through video and live teach users how to realize the interactive makeup, members pay, even the last may also come to some form of the electricity supplier shopping guide.

on the other hand, Papi sauce itself will expand the content of the production style. Despite repeated Papi sauce but keep from talking about, is inseparable from the challenge is that the audience for the same style of tired will come. In the next time, Papi sauce will go out of the room, is more than Zibianziyan, may also have to interview a large international director, as the reporter of the iconic Papi sauce and Yi Yan will remain sound.

it's hard to say what kind of response the quest will gain, but Yang Ming feels Papi sauce is a must to change.

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