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ITzhijia· 2016-11-23 15:10:36

every time I will close the cellular data, data roaming, and even call 10086 off the phone Internet function, but still have a traffic outside. Recently, Guangzhou mobile users Miss Zhang suffered such a thing.

mobile service query reply after Miss Zhang, close the mobile phone Internet still generate traffic due to background has not received orders, so the operation did not succeed. "My cell phone is off the net before leaving the country, apparently the operation was successful. "Miss Zhang does not accept this explanation. Miss Zhang

working in Guangzhou before November 9th in Vietnam, before starting the suddenly occurred to her several times this year, exit, in the mobile phone close cellular data, data roaming situation, each will have 3 yuan or 6 yuan in local traffic charges. So before the exit, she deliberately dialed 10086 to ask why. "Mobile customer service told me is" sneak "mobile phone background traffic, but the problem is I read in the first time, he for me to apply for refund of 33 yuan bill 5 months before the exit detained. "Miss Zhang said.

addition, customer service also reminded every time she must call the customer service of Internet enabled mobile phone off before leaving, so as to ensure that the traffic will not be unleashed". When the customer service to turn off the Internet function, Miss Zhang found that she has not been out of the country, the phone has been unable to access the internet. However, Miss Zhang did not think when she is in abroad, not open again Internet function, November 10th morning 4 when the number 5KB traffic, 11, 20:33 and 26KB traffic, a total of 0.31 yuan fee.

angry Miss Zhang after returning home in November 14th to call the mobile customer service telephone complaints, mobile explained, a thorough investigation of mobile phone traffic usage, the return of domestic traffic 2 years every exit is deducted from traffic costs and possible to be "unleashed".

11 22 days, the mobile customer service reply Miss Zhang said, has been identified for 2 years, a total of Miss Zhang use the number of outbound traffic charges more than 100 yuan, and promised to return all this part of the charges. After closing the Internet function, the phone is still outside the cause of traffic, the other side said that although the customer service to turn off the Internet to send a function to the background, but the background is not closed, so the operation was not successful.

11 the afternoon of 22 March, Guangzhou mobile reply reporter said, after verification, Miss Zhang before leaving did call 10086 to close the Internet, but the system operation is not successful, so that there is still a small amount of traffic, "the company will refund the bill and reward of miss zhang".

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