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Vietnam show Su -30 over the occupation of Chinese Island photos

Chinese photos Nansha Island

fenghuangjunshi· 2016-11-23 22:48:28

1/9 recently, Vietnam announced a series of photos, one of the most eye-catching than Vietnam's su -30 facing the South Island on the runway to "suspected landing" attitude, behind the "Declaration of sovereignty means obvious.

2/9 Xisha South Island, has long been the illegal occupation of vietnam. Recently, Vietnam and even Dajian civil, airport expansion and other facilities, want to deploy the Soviet 30 fighter in the top, had no small threat to China's security situation in the South China sea.

3/9 according to the South Island's geographical location, if it really has the ability as the base of the Soviet 30 landing; Vietnam with its core, according to the Su 30 series is very conservative 1000 km radius, enough to cover almost the entire the South China sea. At least, this combination is a very high threat.

4/9 of the South Island but the length of 650 meters, the maximum length of the airport is only 600 meters. Before and after the expansion of Vietnam south island, there was significant difference between the length of the runway.

5/9 Washington maritime Asia (Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative Transparency Initiative) said this month captured satellite video display, Vietnam in the Spratly Islands from the runway has been less than 2500 feet (about 760 meters) expanded to more than 3300 feet (1 km).

6/9, the think-tank said, if the expansion project continued to expand, the runway will eventually be up to 4000 feet (1.2 km). This means that the maritime surveillance aircraft, transport aircraft and fighter jets in the future will be able to take off after the expansion of the runway. The report points out that, in recent years, Vietnam has increased its fill area of 57 acres (23 hectares) in Spratly Islands. Satellite images show that Vietnam has been expanded to more than 3300 feet (1 km) on the runway at Spratly Islands.

7/9 Soha according to the Vietnamese news website reported on 12 November 11, the air - air force division will be deployed in 371 before the base of the 927 regiment in Thanh Hoa province Shou Chun Su -30MK2 fighter, field 300 kilometers back Jiangsu quebracho Airport, marking the army the official in the northern border areas of the deployment of Su -30 fighter. Su -30MK2V fighter

8/9 Vietnam Air Force equipment is an improved model for Vietnam Russia specially developed, the first is to strengthen the Su -30 family of ground attack capability, capability of KH- 31A and KH-35 anti-ship missiles and precision guided bomb laser launch. At the same time, it enhances the ability of multi object searching and tracking in the air, and can simultaneously detect 10 targets, and guide the R-77 active radar guidance to the 2 targets of the air to air missile attack.

9/9 is for permanent occupation of the island China Nansha islands, the Vietnamese army invaded the island for military equipment of air defense weapon system is very complete. To fight against future air threats. The air defense weapons include the Russian SA-2 long-range air defense missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and a large number of SA-3 medium twin 37 mm anti-aircraft guns. For Su -30 in Vietnam south island "suspected of landing" attitude.

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Vietnam show Su -30 over the occupation of Chinese Island photos

Vietnam show Su -30 over the occupation of Chinese Island photos


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