The former Duan Yu favors a wife, love turned the good man

Good man

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when it comes to heart classic TV drama, is always small when it saw. For example, Liuxiaolingtong's version of "journey to the west", the Louis Koo Carman Lee version of the "Athena Chu version of the The legend of Condor Hero", "Legend of the Condor Heroes", Benny Chan's version of "eight guardians", "the living Buddha"...... (what is not revealed)

every time when classical review also inevitably compare various characters in later versions of the difference, played by Duan Yu, Benny Chan is the most love.

always feel no more than he for the role of the people, green, clean and tidy soft body for there is nothing but a scholar, XiaGu benevolence, for your love is more persistent and concentrated, with an air almost of idiocy.

although Wang Yuyan, but also a way to leave a lot of romantic debt, but in real life, Benny Chan is properly set a good father.

micro-blog in the sun baby at home, but because too spoiled children, are often called" wife".

netizens commented: "it is rare to send a micro-blog, a rare time to put a photo, the hair is not their own! But this dog food, I eat ~ "

recently, Benny Chan and his wife attended a Home Furnishing articles show" star in "change it, show two people tacit, it is very cruel.

this period, it is" amazing "star in the first season ending, layout stage has also been carefully adjusted.

since, Markor products have won the favor of the designers, in the main stage of this program, there is a customized version of the Ethan Alan - comfortable round chair surface, with a pattern of birch Wooden chair feet, to create a happy family atmosphere. There is Caracole daintysilhouette, "

color collocation field full of personality, zebra carpet and Black Mink velvet texture and add to the fun when is blowing. A variety of styles and colors of the perfect fusion so this is to highlight the design program at the scene collision singular sparks, like a colorful visual feast.

three sofa is Ethan Alan through a lot of tests: in program verification standard product quality: Fairies debut! To look at this "leap of faith" ~ sofa comfortable texture performance is very obvious!

back to the show, Benny Chan played quite a couple laughing.

so out of the" empress ", of course, to take the best" dragon ", the site provides a Markor special customized seat" black beauty ", host Mark said, sit down and have a feeling of happiness in the ~

as everyone knows, Benny Chan had four children, family living space is because the children repeatedly reduced. Participate in this program is designed to enhance the space in the home storage, for the living room to do the transformation.

Benny Chan room original style is very elegant, with flowers and dolls to decorate, the cupboard doors affixed to receive the name of Hong Kong style is the style of the decoration is very typical.

color design designer Guo Rui calm and generous, can accommodate eight to ten.

use a lot of modular furniture, Navy, gray color collocation, but also makes the whole space very texture. Markor's collocation and decorative plants, has a lively appear sedate.

see" barren master "Zhu Yuxiao design, that is another style, let Benny Chan call" as if to return to the filming set".

; finally, warm male Benny Chan make the right choice to his wife Jiang Lisha, Guo Rui design won Lisa's heart.

in the program at the end, Benny Chan also prepared a romantic surprise. Although the six years of husband and wife is very affectionate, but he never gave his wife a love flower flower, this has sent three hundred and sixty-five roses carefully prepared in the program, Jiang Lisha moved to tears but also to let the audience mercilessly swallowed a dog mouth.

think Benny Chan has a new transformation of the living room, with" King "to be more at ease! They hope that a family of five can be more happy to go to ~

" Star "in the first season of change it thus ending, want to see Markor in period twelve to provide the stars What style variety of furniture? So please click on the " read the original " bar style= text-align:center "~

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