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"Tyranny" from the introduction: since the first trailer released, I was full of this new look. Obsidian is defined for this new film is: the world is ruled by evil forces, and you are the devil. Throughout the first 20 hours of gaming experience, from the aspects of dialogue, plot selection, obsidian in order to create such an evil, brutal, chaotic atmosphere under the foot work, killing the baby and mother, for the benefit of their own murder, cheat others benefit, you can enjoy the behavior to try. But I do not know because the inner sense of justice or because the game is bursting to only in such a way, I actually started playing on other people the forces against the tyrant. Not only the story of God, all the aspects of the game have revealed that the production team's sincerity, although not able to create an open sandbox RPG, but the limited world, the limited plot, has let people very immersed. Here are a few ways to say, Tyranny this game in the end what attracted me to the place.

", a first language barrier

must first explain, "Tyranny" such a good game, but the threshold is surprisingly high early adopters. Comparison of same studio before the "Pillars of Eternity" eternal column: when I started playing POE in October, during the opening of the character set and the first scene scenes and dialogue, has been copied down more than 5 pages of A4 paper. You know I usually watch American TV film can bite, but when it comes to POE and "Tyranny" the only game + a double operation, greatly reduces the degree in the play. Good at the back of the plot of a lot of dialogue in favor of spoken language, the amount of new words greatly reduced, to be able to be happy to continue to play.

in general, I play tyranny when the difficulties encountered and did not Poe time, probably because the text is relatively simple tyranny.

so if you are in English, really miss too much. (if you want to refer to whether the English standard, I was 6 grade high across levels, also some people said to the TOEFL level, I do not comment.)

two, the character creation and the background of the default

you are not to wake up from the operating table, not just in the cart was escorted to the sky, and more than a wife with children when someone knocked at the door to your Amway Vault-tech. "Tyranny" has abandoned this senseless across time and space, at the beginning of the game patiently teach you the background, provide plot selection, selection and plot these early, has a great influence on the relationship between the protagonist and the game behind the different forces, such as the second act of peace if you choose to surrender the enemy then, you will get the title of peacefinder, the late rebel NPC will recognize you, and for your extra trust. But if you choose the massacre, is likely to rebel on your teeth, anxious to kill you.

" the story of the background, can make a choice of major events, which have great influence in the plot to choose

, RPG as the plot of the game may be the most exciting is the candidate election race occupation pinch. Tyranny and POE of different characters before the beginning, although have pinched face gender speech avatar, has in the past was optional, but no race, and character skills is not based on occupation, but based on specialization, the early game offers a sword and shield, two handed weapons, dual wielding, bare-handed, bow, ice the thunder, and addition of spells, spells such as specialization weaken selection. Choose specialization after late can only learn the corresponding talent, but it can take any weapons, but no bonus. And every kind of specialization will have more than two kinds of trees, greatly increase the playability and possibility.

" game partner in only a few, but not self innovation character in the team. But on the other hand, although a start in the character creation you choose specialization, but no matter how to choose, tree characters are the same. The protagonist has fixed 6 trees, which are strength, agility, and remote command, the initial specialization just gave you a new weapon, and added a little bit corresponding to the corresponding attack and defense properties (such as the sword and shield will increase the single hand weapon skills, blocking skills, and spell specialization increases Spell Mastery and magic defense), at the beginning of this, and not much impact on your character, if you point the sword and shield specialization began to develop their own later become a mage can achieve your goal through each level with talent and adjustment, thus leading the strong plasticity.

complex characters create the process, the introduction of the initial background and the plot of the story, to bring the player is a very immersive experience. If you are like the DAY9TV and CHRISTOPHERODD of the YouTuber, RPG for fans of the goodwill, and are willing to spend a lot of time immersed in the script and dialogue, you may enjoy, because it is to enter the game world a portal, the transfer process is more slowly and more gradual, after crossing the discomfort should ease many.

however, its shortcomings are obvious, if you just want to experience the Baldur's gate style game, want to start as soon as possible in the character menu game rather than waste 2 hours dallying (Day9 for 2 hours, ODD spent about 1 hours, I spent about 45 minutes), then you will feel this setting is silly: OK let's hurry go don't talk nonsense!!!! Fortunately the Obsidian very intimate QuickStart provides a quick start option, if you want to skip the initial plot, one can skip.

three, you can start from the prestigious

system frame selection started, you should pay attention to, when you next dialogue, any words, any one choice has a corresponding result, this causal relationship is very important, the specific performance in the choice of determining the direction of the plot, dialogue options determine the prestige, and prestige and determines whether you can trigger some new dialogue and plot.

and the most exciting is that reputation is not a single general value, in this as in a negative reputation can be summarized as two parameters, for the camp, they have favor parameters and wrath parameters, namely favorability and anger, if help the camp, then the favor parameter will rise but if you offend camp, then the wrath parameter will increase, but the favor and wrath parameters are independent of each other, the implied meaning, you can become their benefactor, and all the people at the same time to camp. And your entourage also has two parameters: loyalty and fear, that is, loyalty and reverence, you can get their 100% loyalty, and let them be very afraid of you.

, for example, because the story of choice, from the disfavored camp Barik brother to me now very loyal but very fear, during a conversation he expressed his desire: I am different from you, but I would like for you to, I am your sword but I absolutely don't approve of your position. Then he will be on different occasions for my behavior really let me smile not taunt. There is much irrationality in

forces favorability and rage

traditional favorability system: if you save all the people inside the city but you every day to kill a city, so they to your liking how to count? Saved all the people favor +100, every day to kill a -10, then I was not able to kill 10 and then go to the next city to continue to kill without any consequences. However, in such a dual parameter reputation system, you have to them, but you are not able to wanton violence against them, this is a reasonable system. As we evaluate the history of a great man, said he was more than, or the work is not over, what is the meaning of it? The good things he does, and the bad things he does, can cancel each other out. Is it because he's more than we can continue to tolerate his aggression against us?

in addition, reputation systems generally exist in the game, is not a bad / good system, but a kind of Justice / evil reputation system. In these games, who is good, who is bad is the developer defined, if the developer creates a bunch of characters, he felt that they should be bad, so give them on the head with an "BANDIT" in the title, and then to create a village mission, said he robbed the village people. Even as the radiation of such works, but also filled with a lot of imperial justice, regardless of whether it is because what difficulties robber was forced to be a robber, no matter what happened between the robbers and civilians, who are morally more stand on their heads, in short, says bandit, killed the prestige can rise, for the game player. Both can not lose.

tyranny but almost no wave of people "robber", some volunteers to protect the city's mercenaries, they will press civilian protection fees, there are two combat corps, in the tyrant's domineering but committed to the reunification of the country as the local "order", some bloody orcs, the value of loyalty, he rebelled against slavery, orcs never as slaves but often attack people, maintain the mouth of said justice. So, they are not the robber, also is not a saint, should kill not to kill?

also, this reputation system also let you everywhere it is daring, interpersonal skills test, some of the dialogue might offend someone, you didn't find results against them; sometimes you want to be a bad result, said a few words and fair and impartial, others say you clap mhmm a good man, this is embarrassing; sometimes you want to win the goodwill of others, who knows a kneeling licking despise kneeling licking behavior of others was angry upright gentlemen. In short, the early game test is in constant dialogue in different camps of people's views and the bottom line, then match up, basically will have the good reputation of the results. But in the face of position when you choose major issues issues of right and wrong, the camp, or to provoke anger, don't be easily swayed. But this process is very interesting, so that people have unlimited SL to see the impulse response npc.

" after the loyalty and fear of value

and serious fancy map, you can see, each time you change the reputation, reputation system will record your behavior and reputation changes, such as the camp you killed 10 people then there will be an entry that you kill the soldier camp X10, and increased the n value of anger.

four, the magic of the text production system

magic is no longer a book to learn the skills or in the tree point out of the tree. But by a combination of different characters to form a new spell. Runes are divided into 3 types, which are the core of runes, runic expression and enhanced Rune rune, core damage type is decided, such as ice, fire, thunder, Mathematical Olympiad, knock down and so on, and the expression of Rune determines the form, such as a single range of injury, injury form, take Jane the ice, ice + monomer is cone of cold, ice + range is on a large ice out of the scope of damage caused by the (sorry we are not without blizzard, Blizzard). And finally enhance the runes can increase the range of AOE, the release amount of damage, shorten the distance, CD or some special Rune fusion can hurt in dizzy spells addict, additional, friendly and so on to gain double release. In short, this is the original moves system with different Rune combinations can have thousands of changes.

+ frost range, two rows of 10 Rune Rune

is enhanced following this reminds me of POE, not eternal column, but another POE, dark wind path of exile (Path of Exile). I have always believed that this custom, the high degree of freedom of the spell, the skill combination system, is the future trend of RPG. People are fed up with Blizzard dad cupcakes in your hands the baby to eat this, even according to their own taste with sugar and salt pepper sauce and olive vegetable have no chance, if you say I want to eat the old godmother cheese cake, all my father would say sorry to trouble for the home. This resulted in a large number of RPG in the numerical calculation of the battle into the optimization problem, a serious suppression of people's creativity. NGA posts are basically the same: no brain enhancement in heap on the line, there is a milk with Almighty crit. And in the road of exile is a hundred trees blooming endless new build, turn one hundred pages with one hundred skills mix, even the same build, the author will have different views.

to "Tyranny", this spell creation system is a big draw for me in the pit, although the early game collection of runes is not much, but can by knocking out lines and frost spells in the deceleration, deceleration and control to kill, compared with the conventional T+dps+ treatment, greatly increased flexibility.

1384 point talent selection path of exile, the plot and characters of


in order to reduce the amount of dialogue spoilers, I will be very general to introduce the content of this part.

Tyranny color, that gives you unlimited reverie space, then when you play it, you will find that you had envisaged, even can . In other words, the wonderful thing is that it is the rationality of the lush and the causal relationship of the plot tree. There are a lot of games are oriented and restrictive, is a linear narrative, no flexibility, no room to play, the constrained feeling, involuntarily.

and Tyranny with a strong reputation system and lush tree plot to give you a sense of freedom, you are no longer being pushed by the masters, you feel any choice would have consequences, so you can guess, I do not offend them, can not lead to a new the plot? And when you are guessing, the consequences of your choice to confirm your vision, this time you harvest the sense of accomplishment to meet or say you will be more and more high level of play.

and in these possibilities, you probably need to find a balance. Most of the time, some quests involve the interests of the two camps, you need to measure, such as the A camp Zhang San hit the B camp 41 Li Quan, the reason is four Li took Zhang San to sell weapons, this time, the game will provide several options (almost every branch line mission will there are so many options)

1, three Zhang sentenced guilty, back to their camp to surrender,

2, Li four sentenced crime, back to their camp to surrender,

3, Lee asked four sold money to Zhang San,

4, sentenced to two people are at fault, went to trial,

5, Li four money to sell I,

6 , who the fuck this shit. I don't have time.

12 gets a favor at the same time to the other party, 3 may be relatively fair, but some of the younger brother of 34 because of their different views and disputes, so as to improve and reduce the degree of goodwill, the 5 is all but angered money. So a balance between the interests, reputation, loyalty, this game is a great spot, the key reason is that game player very into play, if I play a bad guy, I must know my evil deeds will have karma in the game, but if not, then I can not do the massacre then, the fun of the game, the original role of pleasure will no longer exist: since no one is punished me to scold me to teach me, I have no a sense of presence, what is the significance?

on the other hand, the philosophy underlying the choice seems to be very interesting: what if we do not, then you will not have any comments on me, is the so-called gun fight bird, muffled fortune, if I do nothing, we will not pay attention to my argument I was me, because no matter what you do, there are always people who was always someone Mary, but actually my keyboard man, the behavior is not worth up to the national class ah ah ah racial scoundrelism bad habits and so on, things are causal, and should not have too much emotion and talk. So if you want to be a nice person, regardless of the game inside or outside of the game, for some trivial stay, may be regarded as a good way.

said above is some small things, quests, and the main plot, because I haven't finished a week, so it is difficult to draw a conclusion: what a few options will lead to changes in the lead story turn the world upside down has great influence, the different factions of the forces, or in fact only one outcome. But from the current degree of freedom, and the direction of the plot is concerned, I think there may still be the outcome of the other two forces. Because I choose the key settings options are collaborating! But with this option who TM will come first and then with the support of all the rebels overthrow tyranny! A rendering of the plot but tyrant kyro conquered the country, only a small palm still south peninsula in conquest, has absolute advantage, you go to the front of the governor on behalf of the tyrant, the plot, should be one of the most people will choose the following two army regiment of the tyrant which were conquered, and do not leave a heart abacus decided to treason. = =.

but what I think, is to do, but also is done, so at that time step by step to prove their own ideas, let the two rebel generals after the rebels actually gave me the letter said to the banquet. You can imagine at this moment I feel more excited, I have more respect for game developers, like the movie to find eggs as excited.

I always felt I might choose just meet the developers ideas, but so far, no one forced me to let go of the rebel generals, because every time I have the 3-4 option will lead me and fight each other up and kill each other, only I have such insistence on treason the plot, therefore implied and let me on this story and the possibility of opening feel very satisfied.

and carefully read game achievements after the discovery, there are really 4 victory, are any refuge an army to conquer all the tyrant (end x2), defected to the rebels overthrow tyranny, does not rely on any forces to victory. Although the course of the game, you have to walk through so many scenes, so much the main task, but you do it, what is the experience of the process, which rely on a party, its experience is very different, this is also the reason worthy of week to play. Steam some people say that the process is short, is sure to be a DLC to get money, I don't think so, some of the game is designed to experience a variety of possibilities, Mulai week ending.

six, a week about

plot is a bit short, push to the front before the civil war for the plot length, and is the inevitable process of civil war related tasks a reign of terror, you come to me to, but the civil war is almost a dead, so I lead all regions of the liberation then it was recalled to the trial, the trial results were the two Legion leader must kill one, then you can stop to kill another, basically is a protracted war, and finally you have to go back to kill the judge and executioner. Well, really a bit cop-out feeling.

in addition, on the game show and the story described in the army, the scale of the battlefield far. This may be the game because of funding problems may not have been the only way. The number of the two legion, the number of up to 200 people, a lot of time to play so as to lead the 3 wave of strange (5x3=15), the enemy is defeated by the back. If the number of operations actually really is the magnitude of the wave, the ambush put a fire burning a stab in the back ah ah, the tyrant soldiers died assorted, lack of fear. Only 5 people here in the unbroken camp, said the head was hit. Ready to surrender, you only need to go out and kill 4 waves of enemies, head back will be very surprised to say: ah! Thank you for killing all the enemies, we're free...... Me exo? I am also a team of 4 people ah, you really do so waste it? The

and POE are different, and not some single achievement (perhaps hidden) and I only then fixed, in the early stages of the game will all meet later, basically can not touch to the form of specialization, younger brother of the battle is fixed, although a few corresponding Specialization talent, you I can also combine different squad to play features, but always feel a little uncomfortable. Two

game week is just beginning to try the highest difficulty speed, and unlock the other end, after a single pass can try a little, but I recruited some plot recruited, could not refuse, so whether is the true meaning of the single pass expressed doubts. What is the

seven, RPG fun, I think "Tyranny" worth playing for

for a long time the problem about wow in the past few days when others, I also thought about why I want to play wow, and why I want to play some other game, and indulge in. I have to give people comment about the fun of the game three:

1, spectacular scenes, exciting experience, these are fresh

2, through the perception of the game system, a combination of their own skills to make the equipment selection of talent, the interaction and confirmed the accomplishment of p>

3, < / multiplayer, open the black cross pit or wasteland together or hang up water is good, is a continuation of

communication line may now add 4, 5:

4, anecdotes, epic story, into the role of emotion itself needs

5, farm, continue to invest time or resources output role has become strong sense of achievement as

wow the best MMORPG, in which you can appreciate the 1-5 2, but slightly weaker, while the repeated 5 is very high, the game is also a great proportion, cause Game fun is greatly reduced. A lot of people say that friends are AFK, so a person can not play it, that is not the 3 inside said. And "Tyranny", in the 1245 aspects are done well, 2 above the open freedom of the great, 4 do excellent.

how a good law? Not just the various kinds of causal relationships that are mentioned in the front, the tradeoffs between various interests and reputation, or your assumptions about the possibilities of the game world, and your choices.

special machine or nuclear radiation once, POE radio or have revealed that the kernel members of admiration for the Obsidian studio RPG skill. When talking about the New Vegas, is a prominent reticulate narrative, you are doing something, will also have an impact on this matter in another place, their dialogue changed, they may know that you have done certain things in the game, not as some game. Where to go, what are the local NPC feel isolated, even Lao Tzu just killed you don't care about the monarch.

and "Tyranny", "POE", "dragon age and Baldur's gate" this kind of game for narrative style and character relationship is more attention, I remember my friend's love "Dragon Century", he told me that his team members often quarrel with three, you want to be a peacemaker to solve conflicts and disputes, for them to talk about the heart. This belongs to the building team, team building, as a major bright spot, in fact, this kind of game is a natural advantage.

go back to tyranny, a lot of things, you make many decisions, not only affects the prestige through to the next story, dialogue options optional and camp's attitude to you, there are many key decisions, from beginning to end throughout the entire game affects your options. Not cause you to kill the NPC you can not pay the task or not to choose an option reputation will be so simple, but because the NPC is an important member of the forces behind the camp always brood on, in the choice of whether to believe you, they will say to you: you have done such a thing before and you think I will believe you?

sometimes, my brother will actually stop me and say something to me, I was shocked by such a little sense of existence! Brother Barik had stopped me and asked me: "you let go of the rebels, deceive us disfavored Corps commanders say they fled; but when you turn and the choice of our choice Legion disfavored legion, rather than a legion of scarlet chorus, contradictory behavior with you this makes me very confused. What are you support us, or do not support us? "(here D and SC are the two legion, the tyrant is another rebel, but loyal to D Barik so much care whether I'm in D here.)

such a dialogue, instantly expose my disguise into the play I feel myself like red, do what is wrong, questioned after the scalp, not only because of drama, but more in the game because I do, those living NPC like holding a small notebook to remember don't know what time would like to question me a will to give me a NPC station walk past for collar lunch, never mind why I suddenly broke the image.

is like buying a robot housekeeper came back every day to force her to do something very cruel things, one day she finished, suddenly raised his head and asked: Master, you have to consider my feelings? As same. Total mental collapse.

and why such a plot, dialogue settings are very deep, so people touch? To determine where to trigger my dialogue from the perspective of game development,


2, summed up the 3 choices: I go / kill the rebels, cheating / honest told D leaders, D/sc,

3, on which the various combinations do logical judgment, for example, the 111 is the problem the 112 is also a problem, because I collaborate and take refuge in SC, is that SC also collaborated with? There are 222 problems, I helped D but SC is in trouble which?

4, and then write the corresponding dialogue.

this conversation before and of what happened in the game, and game player choice, as the network is arranged in a crisscross pattern, the internal relations and logical relationship between each other is very deep, this is not the time to launch B service semi-finished easily do a few quests and DLC can be compared.

Barik so when the younger brother asked me when my scalp numb cold hands and feet, I also try to ask yourself this question, finally stand firm to help the rebels, trembling, but still comforted Barik this is my war plan, only temporarily to win the trust and betray their enemies, Barik questioningly promised with awe and improve some value.

no no no no no, I have a fear of Barik.

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