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many students come to the United States after the trend began taking news, often see some stars and returning students smoking marijuana caught news. Some states adopt open for marijuana, so many students to the United States to be misled, Xiaobian reading a lot of documents and references, in fact, in the United States marijuana (fly) is not legitimate, just because of some political and cultural reasons, most open eyes closed eyes.

is a

of any culture seen in Anglo American movies and TV series, will feel the drug marijuana ah ah ah ah is normal drinking. Because their output of culture, is this: "the train"

tells the story of a group of Edinburgh heroin addicts' lives. The four actor is drug abuse in British Edinburgh area generation, living in the bottom of the garbage as a pleasurable occupation. Among them, the most Ruideng stoop, he had the opportunity to leave home to find a decent job and live a normal life, but at the cost of his friends story. Guess there is a fine description of the process of drug use in the train. Whether it is the smoke, smoke, smelling, or oral, injection, the most exaggerated is inserted into the rectum of the capsule type drugs, it is an encyclopedia of drugs.


Grace" to save Grace's husband in the jump out of an airplane when you forget, parachute and death, not leave any legacy, is a large debt. Grace is unable to repay, and do not want to sell the house, only to grow marijuana with the unemployed farmer Matthew. Although Grace is no longer entangled with debt, creditors and bandits is endless, while being pursued by the police. Some net friend said, this is he has seen the most not loaded force, but the attitude of the most fly marijuana movie. In fact, this is an inspirational comedy film, the tone is relaxed, and is also a UNESCO piece of marijuana.

says it can make a movie about it. The United States has a special type of film called marijuana film (stoner

film), is a kind of comedy. There is a basic model for the marijuana movie: two guys + a big bag of marijuana + complete a task = wonderful time. Although the story crazy, but the value of the film to promote the film basically positive. They usually have some kind of positive revelation: in the face of any danger to the world, or to work together to overcome or nothing.

hemp is energy, sound is not all fast cry … …

James · Franco and Seth · Rogan starring "Pineapple Express" called in recent years the classic marijuana film.

China certainly also has the "priming" film and television camera, but when it is a pediatrician and common.

after all, Chaoyang District people always report, screen drug traffickers have been killed.

from the celebrity for

famous American Marijuana news always emerge in an endless stream ahead of U.S. President Obama, in the face of an interview just filed his youth marijuana in the past, and his "marijuana is not more dangerous than drinking". "As we all know, when I was young, I used to smoke marijuana. In my opinion, this is a bad habit or a bad habit, but compared with a long time after I smoked cigarettes, there is no different. "Obama said," I don't think it's more dangerous than alcohol. Even in terms of the impact of individual consumer, the risk of marijuana is smaller than that of alcohol. "

for Obama, it was just ten years old boy mistakenly thought that the drug can be used to resist the reality, Obama does not deny this and take it as a part of the journey.

but Obama's "hemp theory" is purely a ghost. The side effects of marijuana and alcohol, long-term consequences and the role of the population of the overall disease and death are very different, long-term smoking marijuana will reduce the iq.

and in American history, the president is not in a small number of marijuana. 2016 U.S. presidential election popular candidate Bush Jeb recently accepted an interview, publicly admitted that he had smoked marijuana in high school.

over the years, George W. Bush has been reluctant to respond to the experience of his marijuana, he explained to his biography reporter, said: I do not want to answer questions about marijuana, you know why? Because I don't want to see a kid trying to do the same as I was when I was younger. "

Clinton about his marijuana's answer is very famous," I tried one or two times, but I'm not into the lungs, then I have not tried. "So many people are laughing at him fooling, to 2013" time "magazine interviewed him, still take it to ask him, he replied, never denied that they smoked marijuana.

Oh, no smoking himself into the lungs, which I often secondhand all can't watch anymore.

including its biography, including records show that Kennedy often use marijuana to inhibit back pain, and had planned to promote the legalization of marijuana.

"father of the United States Constitution," Madison has said that in the process of establishing the United States, marijuana gave him inspiration.

Jefferson not only smoked marijuana, but also has the experience of growing marijuana, but also smuggled marijuana from China to the americas.

Washington often marijuana he has a toothache, marijuana cultivation experience, but also in his diary records to try to improve cannabis cultivation experiment.

it seems that marijuana is the president of the United States must ah … … of course, smoking marijuana is not president … &hellip


Schwarzenegger during his tenure, had thrown marijuana legalization may be open to debate the issue, shortly thereafter, the university stage to help students celebrate the birth of cannabis exposure of video, picture clearly, he photographed the "puff" to the situation.

Marilyn · Monroe

2009, a generation of "sexy goddess" Marilyn · Monroe smoke marijuana in the picture, in 50 years after the surface. The picture comes from a silent movie with a home video camera. At that time, the scene was a private party in New Jersey, between 1958 and 1959. The image of Monroe is very relaxing in the smoke a cigarette". According to the photographer, the cigarette is put on the top of the tobacco. The basketball superstar James

09 years of media exposure had smoked drugs, he later admitted, was only 17 years old, just entered high school soon, "I and several partners who smoked marijuana, but I am arch-criminal," James said. "We should be accused of marijuana behavior, like when people criticize us, we want to help those people, can not let their own self. We were conceited and arrogant, especially in these areas. "James said in an interview," we now feel very guilty about that period of history. But then we gradually have more awareness of the dangers of drugs, recalling the past, our behavior is as ridiculous as suicide. "

Michael · Phelps

2009 in February 1st, the British" world news "in the headlines with" drug addicts "and the title, the exposure of Michael · Phelps marijuana photos. The report said that the film was shot in November 6th last year, the photo, Phelps is attending a party at the University of South carolina. Phelps admitted that the authenticity of the day to save the image of the authenticity of the public to save the image, which led to the media, the public's hot.

Daniel · Radcliffe

; according to the web site "E! Online" reported that Daniel Radcliffe visited a Holland cannabis cafe, also a big smile and 2 female staff photo. The hemp cafe by many celebrity welcome, in addition to Daniel, Miley - Sellers (Miley Cyrus), Rihanna (Rihanna), Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey), Pearce Bresnan (pierce Brosnan) and others have to visit the place, and the cafe record. Holland law allows people in the cafe to have the conditions of the transaction, the consumption of marijuana, so Daniel, although leaving the evidence of smoking marijuana, it will not be any punishment.

Justin · Bibb

Justin - Bibb was smoking marijuana exposed in late January 2nd and the photos of friends on the previous day, a photographer snapped because his Ferrari had died in the roadside, and the paparazzi died broke the news before he saw Justin Bibb in marijuana.

, in fact, I think the most unreasonable law in the United States is the law about alcohol. What 21 years old can not buy wine to drink - is really strict implementation, Chinese parents and children will feel incredible. In addition the wine bottle can not be opened in the street, after seemingly can't open the bottle in the car, the Chinese food stalls to kneel please...

politics and law

in accordance with the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the central government has no right to issue marijuana pipe, only 50 states States have the power

The powers not delegated to: the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

(not the constitution delegated to the United States, nor prohibit the exercise of state power, retained by the respective states, or retained by the people. )

is a little complex, and there are several states in the extent and degree of marijuana. 4 states are fully legalized, and the other 34 states allow certain medical marijuana, but the specific legal differences between the 34 states are large. (

1) marijuana is illegal and is strictly

and in the United States, only 9 states are illegal and strict control of marijuana (in addition to the illegal in 3 states, but lax control). These 9 states are the so-called "red state", located in the mainland, a small population, most of the rural and mountainous areas.

2) THC free use of medical marijuana legalization of

in these 11 states, medical marijuana is legal, but not limited to THC containing marijuana. THC is the ingredient active of marijuana, which is part of the mental reaction to the drug. There is no THC marijuana can cure, but users do not feel the kind of flying feeling. 11 states are mainly located in the eastern part of the northeast, the red state blue state. Allow medical marijuana but not allowed THC containing marijuana can be understood as a compromise between the local government and marijuana advocates.

3") unless

marijuana in the 20 states, the state government executive system of marijuana is a bit like unless, questions say "open eyes closed eyes". Unless it is not equal to the legalization, is actually illegal, but the government's attitude is: "it's not worth the hemp waste of time and resources to catch," Minister of police to the police command don't catch criminals guilty of marijuana. Some of the specific circumstances of the different states, such as a certain amount of command on the body with a certain amount of marijuana, a number of outside the tube.

4") containing THC medical marijuana use legal medical marijuana

special system in the 26 states, but also allow THC containing marijuana. California was the first state to carry out the system in 1996. Later, Oregon, Washington, and several western states glora familiar with California (now, they have exceeded the California system, become completely legitimate). Later, the legalization of medical marijuana is becoming more and more common, from the west to the northeast. Now most of the "Blue States" (Democratic Party positions) are allowed to contain THC medical marijuana, there are several red states (Arizona, Montana, Georgia, Lewis Ann.). The republican tradition is hard to keep, and it's hard to weed, but now more and more people can be introduced to the Republican Party (especially after the Republican Party's 80 and 90). Free will party candidate Johnson Gary, who was the governor of New Mexico, is also engaged in the cannabis industry. Class= img_box "

attention, the details of the 26 states of the bill is very different. The place where medical marijuana is executed requires the user to prescribe medication to buy marijuana. Some places (such as Georgia), what symptoms of a doctor can prescribe you more stringent standards. But in a very open medical marijuana system in California, almost anyone can get a doctor's prescription. You say, "I can't sleep", or "I have a headache," or "I'm too nervous", the doctor will give you a. And a doctor who specializes in cannabis. In California, a lot of people doing the marijuana industry have been.

users to buy medical marijuana, have to go to dispensary, specializes in selling marijuana shop. There are low, there are luxury. They have dozens of kinds of marijuana and can give you an explanation. They also have food for people who like to use them (candy, cookies, chocolate, drinks or something). Medical marijuana limit over 18 years of age.

5) completely legitimate medical marijuana

special marijuana has been 20 years of development, but in recent years it is completely legal marijuana, so far only 4 states, but estimates for the next few years more and more original only medical marijuana would like Washington, Oregon, glora, and Alaska is completely legal (of California will vote the bill this year). The legalization of these States is through a referendum. Note that not all 50 states have the right to vote for the citizens directly, which is also a state constitution. These 4 states are in the west, the United States in the Western tradition than the eastern part of the more free and free will of the direction. Class= img_box "

at the national level, marijuana belongs to I Schedule illegal drugs. This is in contradiction with the state law. At present, the command of Obama Narcotics Bureau State respect local laws. However, the other may be more stringent (in front of President George W. Bush is an example, when the drug enforcement administration will often play the California legal marijuana store). When I was born, only 23% of Americans thought that marijuana should be legalized. But in 2015 58% Americans supported the legalization. Class= img_box "

network Obama said, "the harm of marijuana is smaller than the alcohol" thought that the marijuana legal?

although Obama said "marijuana on health risks than alcohol (the health risks of marijuana in posed no greater risk than those of alcohol)", but he did not encourage marijuana use nor to promote the legalization of marijuana:

Carney emphasized Wednesday that Obama was simply talking about the the disparities in our "prosecution of our drug laws anddoes not encourage," marijuana use, which he sees as a bad habit and a vice. "

" He's not endorsing any specific move by a state, "Carney said." He's simply making an observation, his position of these matters has not changed. "

and Obama with these words focus is that judicial sentencing injustice. One of the ethnic minorities, the bottom people look askance at the middle - obviously also marijuana, why only caught the poor and lower-middle peasants? The two is that for the first time offenders sentencing too: "we

are sending far too many first-time non-violent drug users to prison for very long periods of time

", you should pay attention to, in China, if you are only smoking marijuana, and is not going to prison. The first drug was arrested, as long as the holding dose is not large (for personal use), just administrative detention (15 days).

and this with the American call for marijuana decriminalize (being part of our country's understanding of the party as "legal") is basically a meaning.


The state has decriminalized marijuana to some degree. Typically, decriminalization means no prison time or criminal record for first-time possession of a small amount for personal consumption. The conduct is treated like a minor traffic violation.

- "decriminalization". To a certain extent, the state is not a criminal of marijuana. In general, non criminal means will not be for the first time, for their own use, possession of a small amount of marijuana sentenced to jail or leave a criminal record. This treatment is similar to a minor breach of compliance. "

strictly speaking, China is not a criminal marijuana, okay? The United States has some degree and ratio of decriminalization state to light, such as Connecticut for personal use, hold "marijuana provisions:

"for the first time with 1/ occupied between 2-4 ounces of marijuana to prison for a year, a maximum fine of second times more $1000; will be sent to prison for five years, a fine of $3000 Chinese second re arrested, but about two years of compulsory detoxification. 1 oz =28.3 G. Simple arithmetic, calculate your own.

do not know how to understand China, but the possession of the crime of possession of marijuana in China is calculated in kilograms.

- do you still want to be "legal"?

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