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tengxuntupian· 2016-11-24 12:25:51

11" on Sept. 23, the White House, the president of the United States President Obama last awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom, 21 people from all walks of life to receive awards. The Presidential Medal of freedom is the highest honor of the civilian medal, awarded by the president of the United States once a year, in parallel with the Congressional Gold Medal for the United States' highest civilian honor. When Obama for female singer Diana · Ross awards, Ross's explosive head seems to let Obama can not start, the stage of laughter.

Ross, the late twentieth Century is one of the most famous pop music history of women, known as the "Black Pearl pop music".

" with her luxurious velvet voice singing the song lyrics, fans were regarded as the enjoyment of hearing.

" actress Lin Whei-yin's niece, famous architect Maya Lin is the only award of chinese.

1980, his 21 year old Lin won a design competition in the United States "the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington". Lin Ying believes that President Obama is a great president, last week, the results of the presidential election so that voters, including her, is very shocked and disappointed. She stressed that the United States is a nation of immigrants, is a highly inclusive and diverse country, as the only Asian to receive this award, is the only one Asian woman, she can represent the ethnic minorities in this special moment to win the prize was a great honor. Class= img_box "

winning celebrity also includes the Bill · Gates couple. Class= img_box "

NBA legendary star Michael · Jordan. Jordan has won 6 NBA championship, he is the founder of the Bulls Dynasty, known as the history of the greatest basketball player, retired to become Sherlock Hornets boss. Class= img_box "

is interesting, Obama in the process of speaking in the process of constantly ridicule Jordan. "He (Jordan) is not just a LOGO, he is not just a network of facial expressions (Jordan cry of expression). "Obama has just finished, the stage and the stage is a piece of laughter.

field and a basketball superstar Jabbar, Jabbar 2 meters tall and 18 to receive the award, to the back, to facilitate Obama as he tied a medal. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p" Jabbar is the history of the NBA total score of the first person, 6 championship ring owner.

Oscar winner Tom · Hanks. Class= img_box "

Hanks and Obama on the stage with each other to make fun of. Class= img_box "

famous actor Robert · Deniro.

rock musician Gao Pring Steen.

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