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guangmingwang· 2016-11-24 14:04:39

App Annie recently, authoritative data released "App Annie" in October 2016 the global game index. This index, snail digital (list called "snail game") for the first time into the global IOS list of the top ten revenue, ranked sixth, ranked the top Chinese district. This list shows that the number of snails for this month's revenue list rose the fastest in the company, more than September revenue increased by 8, from well-known game development company Blizzard is only one of the poor.

蜗牛数字跃居全球IOS收入榜第六 名列国产三甲

snail digital deus ex, among the three

domestic ChinaJoy 2016 on the eve of the Chinese voice association game Committee and CNG Game Center Research Institute released the first half of 2016 Chinese game industry report. Report shows that China's game market sales reached 78 billion 750 million yuan, an increase of 30.1%. Hand travel revenue of 37 billion 480 million, an increase of 79.1%, breaking the monopoly of the game by the end of the market for many years, becoming the most fiery game plate.

continued hot Mobile Games drives the rapid development of the whole industry, Mobile Games enterprises and R & D companies such as APP STORE emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a month to keep nearly 100 games on-line update number rich China game market volume. The Tencent, NetEase holding China Mobile Games market "half of the country, who will occupy the industry in deus ex third place to become the 2016 annual most hot topic.

and App Annie in October 2016 according to the "global game index", we can clearly see Chinese District ranked in the top five were a NetEase, Tencent, snail digital, perfect world, the blue line. Snail digital rely on its "heaven", "2: blood jiuyinzhenjing 3D" stable performance, one of the IOS global sixth list of the outstanding achievement, success beyond perfect world (IOS global tenth list), as three domestic income chart.

蜗牛数字跃居全球IOS收入榜第六 名列国产三甲

. However, in contrast, snail digital's app (including games and Applications) a limited number, but success among the IOS global income ranked sixth, sparked concern and thinking the whole game industry.

practice boutique strategy, R & D quality

as a veteran of the research and development of Internet companies, digital products for snail has always maintained a carefully crafted attitude, even in the era of mobile games, the pursuit of IP in the industry gold absorption effect and the "fast money" thinking this to remain under diffuse. For today's game makers, it may be difficult to do last 3-4 years of research and development cycle, to polish a hand travel products. But it is such an artisan of the heart, for snail digital from the end of the tour to Mobile Games the transformation of the way to lay a solid foundation.

first to enter the hand travel market, the number of snails did not choose the most hot card game on the market, but to explore a new way to travel. With the phenomenal Mobile Games masterpiece "Tai Chi Panda" issue, the snail started the first ARPG digital Mobile Games. 52 countries and regions in the world to issue and enter the best seller list TOP10, won the players and the market widely recognized. Then, from the "9" series of martial arts Mobile Games to cooperate with South Korean game company NCSOFT launched MMO Mobile Games: "heaven 2 blood", a surprise to Chinese snail digital game circle, the fine interpretation of R & D is the core foundation of game developers.

apparently, the number of games does not dominate the number of snails, by virtue of its high-quality game products to win customers and market recognition. In many industry view, the introduction of a snail number of hand travel products, can generally achieve better market response, to maintain the "success rate", relying on the quality of the product itself is excellent.

for the pursuit of product quality, not only makes the snail digital achieved good market response, more importantly, this also create products, to maintain sustained profitability for snail numbers, maintain the enterprise long-term vitality to provide help.

's award-winning R & D industry recognized

recently, known as the game industry two blockbuster awards Jin Ling award and Tianfu award ended. After months of intense selection, the number of snails with excellent game quality and leading R & D level won a number of awards.

Jin Ling award, "snail game" was awarded "the most influential mobile publisher award," heaven 2: blood "won the" mobile network game "game player favorite award, the company heavy sandbox masterpiece" jiuyinzhenjing 2 "won the" most anticipated game network game player "award. Tianfu snail Digital Award, won the 2016 annual best mobile game company "award," heaven 2: blood "won the 2016 annual award for best mobile game network".

as a veteran game makers, snail figures continue to emerge in the field of new exploration in the field of hand. In the year 2016 launched "3D", "battle of 9", "heaven light top 2: blood" and innovative products in the market's award-winning Mobile Games. A number of awards is not only for the number of snails in the 2016 year score, but also on the number of snails in 2017 to enter the strategic layout of the first to encourage.

2016, the snail numbers at the end of the tour, Mobile Games field full flowering, gains a number of awards, demonstrate the company's products of excellent R & D strength and the important position in the game player in mind. Not only is the number of snails in the 2016 year of the number of positive, but also a number of snails in 2017 to enter the strategic layout of the first to encourage. I believe that in the near future, the number of snails will further improve the company's boutique game product line for the domestic players to bring more surprises.

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