Postpartum breastfeeding, breastfeeding position right

Postpartum lactation posture newborn

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one, postpartum mother open milk skills 1 , maintain a pleasant mood

depressed will affect the milk secretion, therefore, be sure to maintain a good mood. For example, you can pat photos on micro-blog, and friends to exchange.

2, 30 separate postpartum milk

every 2 hours to suck 30 minutes, day and night, every drop of suction on behalf of a solid opening breast tube. Usually to open 4-5 root canal can be.

Encyclopedia: emptying the breast is certainly necessary! In the baby after eating, with a breast pump suction around each 5 minutes, reaching the purpose of breast emptying, even if only a few milliliters of aspiration.

3, nursing before and after each feeding or sucking hot compress

are hot, many mother is afraid of trouble this step can be omitted. Side heat while a little massage (both clockwise counterclockwise).

Encyclopedia: after lactation in order to protect the nipple to wipe the areola lanolin, also need to rub. Class= img_box "

postpartum lactation on the baby's growth and mother's recovery is very good.

two, the correct nursing positions and methods of 1, the correct lactation

baby mother chest to chest, close to the lower mandible baby breast. Hold the baby's buttocks, elbows cradling baby neck, this position is the baby most comfortable position.


, breast-feeding duration of full-term newborn sucking force is very strong, the amount of milk the first 4-5 minutes out of 80%, 10 minutes from 100%, but due to the long time sucking baby won't get excess milk.

Encyclopedia: and then there is still a small amount of milk out, and the flow rate is very slow, for the baby to do to provide the conditions for comforting sucking.

3, the risk of nursing methods

some babies do not live with the nipple, the mother put the baby head hard to rely on the breast, baby's nose is blocked, not air, not only unable to suck, and cause a choking hazard.

Encyclopedia: must let the baby threw back his head and breast, not only easy to suck, easy to swallow milk for pediatric esophageal straight breathing, also conducive to the development of dental bones.

three, breast feeding the attention of 1 , after delivery in a timely manner to feed the baby sucking nipple

as soon as possible, can stimulate the milk secretion. Preferably within the first hour after delivery, when the baby appears to be a sign of hunger fed a milk.

Encyclopedia: after feeding to prevent children Yinai, spits or cough. Mother hand hold the child's chest and chin, the other hand take the child back to the gas discharge.

2, pay attention to the night feeding

in addition to the day to allow the baby to have enough milk, but also should pay attention to feeding at night. The night is day prolactin 50 times, which is conducive to the increase in milk, maternal rehabilitation, but also conducive to enhancing the bonding.

3, keep the breast health

to keep the breast health, prevent breast extrusion, damage, can improve the quality of lactation. Postpartum is commonly used by boiling water wash, do not use soap, alcohol, detergent, lest cause dry chapped nipple.

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