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Bluetooth headset

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Bluetooth headset is not something new, but for a long time, most people have some misunderstanding of it. In many people's impression, Bluetooth headset is the kind of unilateral plug in the ear, can only be used to make phone calls.

Apple iPhone 7 to cancel the headset jack, and the launch of Apple's own AirPods Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset to let everyone see the original can be completely replace the traditional headset, but in the future there will be more and more do not support the headset headset interface.

although theoretically, the Bluetooth headset sound will be slightly worse than the ordinary wired headset sound (Bluetooth products from support for the latest Apt-X technology is already very small, almost negligible), but most people may not feel.

but the Bluetooth headset brings out freely listening experience is that anyone can easily feel the. Plus Apple's boost, said Bluetooth headset is now on the eve of the outbreak, but also a little less than.

today, we want to test is a listing of the latest Bluetooth headset - to (Kilinee) K80. This product first listed has three colors, in addition to all-match black, and the most popular blue and pink. At the same time, the brand has signed the Beijing Olympic Games gymnastics champion Jang Yilin do endorsements, so open the packaging will have a large picture of Jang Yilin. With a clear trend and movement temperament.

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after opening the package, whether from the binding design, or internal accessories and packaging box structure design, are showing full maker style. Although it is a price of only 299 yuan of products, but with quite complete sets of silicone accessories, leather, containing different sizes, are full of sincerity.

to K80 is a in-ear stereo Bluetooth headset, the weight is only 15g. The overall design is simple, the left and right ear are connected by a line, line the right ear is designed by wire, can realize the volume adjustment, phone calls, switch and Bluetooth function, charging port also online control, the same product design similar to Jabra, Monster, Jaybird.

is different, the ear part of it with the headset itself there is a clear point of view, can be more comfortable to wear into the inner ear. At the same time, the ear part of it also added a patent with the appearance of removable fin design, after wearing can directly into the auricle, increase the wear stability. In actual use, even if the violent shaking the head is still strong, wear this headset even if running 10 kilometers is not a problem.

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8645 chip supports Apt-X encoding, which is currently supporting a high quality standard Bluetooth most widely, in JBL, BOSE, B& O and other manufacturers of Bluetooth products, can often see this logo, listen to light, less than 300 yuan of Bluetooth headset support such encoding is. A big surprise.

to K80 on the box, there are significant Hi-Fi and Apt-X trademark. According to the needs of the sports crowd, K80 in tune to strengthen the low frequency performance, the sound is full of dynamic and dynamic. actually listening to K80, impressive is an unusually low frequency performance. It can be said that even in the traditional In-Ear Earphones, you are very difficult to hear the low frequency so the eye of the tiger. Whether it is the amount of low frequency or a sense of depth, it is absolutely beyond the similar products, or even several times more expensive than the price of its products. Style=

if you are an absolute low frequency control, then you will certainly like the K80's sound quality effect. The high frequency is somewhat limited by low frequency effect, looks a bit boring, love the bright high-frequency users may feel not satisfied. In short, you will feel a kind of energetic and K80 songs, if the music itself is a song strong rhythm, it is sonorous and forceful, passionate.

to K80 also supports IPX4 waterproof design, the official claimed that "splash", which means that even in the rain, or swimming pools, beaches and other occasions, ease of use, you you can also in addition to swimming, basically can cover all the scenes used by ordinary people.

at the same time, K80 also has the exquisite design of the magnetic hanging in the chest, when not in use, the headset automatically sucked together, become a beautiful and fashion accessories.

can be seen from the sports star Jang Yilin endorsement, to increase the design wear stability, and then to the waterproof function of the IPX4, to K80 actually has a strong movement of genes, together with its bright color, it is suitable for general users in motion for example, walking, running, cycling or fitness wear.

in short, as a new brand of Bluetooth headset, to K80 gave us a big surprise. As a price of less than 300 yuan of products, with fashion color, good wearing comfort and ease of use, quality also has its own characteristics, can be said that in addition to the brand is short board, is completely the same level compared with other aspects of price several times exceed the international big, even slightly beyond. If the recent Bluetooth headset purchase plan, to K80 should be taken into account object.

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