Park Shin Hye to join the charity into hunger high supporting measures

Park Shin Hye career

hanguoyule· 2016-11-24 17:23:58

2012, Park Shin Hye and fans launched the" Starlight Angel Project ", and to help the hungry in a charity for children at home and abroad. Not only this, Park Shin Hye in order to help domestic low-income children at home, take the lead in the area of hunger Countermeasures of operation center for children "happy Home School" support the heating fee, and established the multi objective education center "shinhye center in Africa Garner". Style=

at present, she is promoting the establishment of second "signal center" in remote areas near Philippines. To become a member of the club. The high Park Shin Hye said: "in fact, until now I have done many things are not able to stand here, I feel very feel shy, thanks. I will work hard and be a competent member." Hunger countermeasures said: "thank you miss Park Shin Hye to have the long-term friendship and cooperation hunger countermeasures, hope Miss Park Shin Hye the beautiful mind can pass out, there are more people together to help hungry poor neighbors."

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Park Shin Hye to join the charity into hunger high supporting measures

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