Dance Appreciation: classical repertoire "feathers"

Classic dance feather

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" feather ", nineteen male dancers firmness and flexibility, performance of birds in the living environment destruction, homeless sorrow etc.. Dance through the performance of a group of migratory birds in the migration of the unfortunate experience of the brave to fight against the disaster, and the nature of the fight against the scene, the image of the power of love and unity. It is this special conception that "a feather" in other talent shows itself is full of ethnic flavor in the dance of love, and the girls superb performance also perfect interpretation of a natural and harmonious life. The dance "a feather" clothing is the loose white thigh pants primarily, the actor naked upper body, reveals the dancer obvious muscle structure. In order to express the grief, the last minute dance movement difficulty a great leap forward. When the naked upper body, back painted blue painted young boys appear in front of the audience, we have a bright, burst into warm applause. The table dancers tried, waist, legs, rotation, jump, roll, every action do best. Two dance dance and then soft vigorous action in stark contrast, everyone was impressed by their convey sadness more strong spirit!

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