An overview of the development of the Internet of things industry and analysis of the advantages of Internet of things in China

Internet of things

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things as third times wave of industry, United States, South Korea, European countries have actively layout, the development of China's Internet industry is not far behind, with policy support, complete industrial chain support four development advantages," Home Furnishing smart, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical, intelligent agriculture "  development is in full swing in the Internet of things under the leadership of.

the information industry in the personal computer as the representative of the first wave of industry and Internet and mobile communication network as the representative of the second wave of industrial draw strength, with a new attitude to meet third times - the arrival of IOT industry wave.

( networking" and "interconnection concept ) max-width: 100%;

(the three wave of the information industry)

after years of definition, in the industry for defined networking structure on a more unified understanding, will be divided into three levels according to the nature of. is the perception layer , obtains the object by using RFID technology, RF sensor sensing equipment whenever and wherever possible information, and through the short distance communication system is transmitted to the second layer; two is the network layer, network and Internet integration through various telecommunication network, realize terminal Internet information acquisition and information processing, real-time transmission of complete information; three is application platform layer, processing layer to obtain perception And applied to the corresponding module.

(network structure)

origin of the Internet of things can be traced back in 80s. From the   1982  ; "the first network equipment network coke machine, equipment connected to the Internet and the concept of prototype; 1999 , after years of scholars and researchers to explore, the concept of things was officially clarified; 2005 , the scope of the International Telecommunication Union released a report about the things to expand the concept of things; in the past ten years, things are significantly enhance the degree of concern , multi field, cross platform networking pattern gradually revealed.

(IOT Development)

now things since the date of birth has been the development of more than and 30 years, once the fuzzy concept Has already turned into a solid application. Corresponding to the three levels, and each level has the bright younger generation of the old enterprises in the display skills to the full emerge in an endless stream of exploration; the whole industry also tends to be open, large-scale development, 2016 is destined to be a critical period in the field of iot.

two the trend to promote the IOT The development of

since the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other intelligent terminal products to enter the public view," intelligent "gradually become the most important concept for the information age. "Smart" can be understood from two aspects "wisdom" and "ability", "wisdom" refers to the process from perception to memory and thinking, "ability" is the result of thinking formation process of learning cognition, behavior based on decision making. In general, the "intelligent" has the following four abilities: perception, memory and thinking ability, learning and adaptive ability and decision-making ability.

(four large capacity intelligent features)

things to overall perception as a starting point, through the communication module and the network system Transmission, through the database, intelligent equipment platform to complete the intelligent analysis, processing, management, to provide a personalized service associated with the external information, perfect fit the "intelligent" requirements. It is not difficult to find, at the height of the information era, information sharing, processing, management of network plays an important role in applications, these "information" as human and object personality label, is the key to intelligent networking services.

" intelligent "and" intelligent transportation, intelligent medical "Intelligent agriculture" and other applications are under the leadership of the Internet of things technology to develop at full speed, to facilitate all aspects of life.

(Intelligent Networking Applications)

as the level of income increase, especially the younger generation of consumption concept and consumption potential have become the new direction of the development of China consumption, the public demand for" intelligent "and" information "is excited, the networking market expanding.

things certainly cannot do without financial support and government policy support for assistance. Especially for the insufficient funds of small companies, financial market financing activities for innovative start-ups bring vitality development power.

according to the data, Internet start-ups and financing amount and number of transactions are maintained steady growth in 2015 reached a total of 343 transactions, $2 billion 889 million, is near 4 times in 2010. After a slight decline in the second half of 2016, the first quarter of 2015, strong financial performance in the quarter, reaching $31%, an increase of 846 million compared to the previous quarter. Among them, the bulk of the financing transaction includes Jawbone $165 million F round of financing and C $75 million Razer round of financing, and smart doorbell manufacturers Ring $61 million 200 thousand C round of financing. Under the function of the capital market, the new enterprise can gain more progress space, and the layout is more extensive.

global networking financing amount and the number (million dollars)

United States and the European Union, Japan and South Korea, and other countries have China will upgrade to Internet of things the national strategic level, issued corresponding policy. Policy support to the development of the company to add enough horsepower, the relevant preferential policies so that enterprises can be more effective, the development of the whole industry chain.

(national networking Policy)

our local government is also actively involved in the Internet of things the construction of. In the wisdom of the city under the guidance of the idea, the local governments have responded to the call, a high degree of attention to the Internet of things industry. At present, China has 28 provinces and will focus on the development of networking to enhance the industrial park construction, things fast, gradually has formed the " the Bohai sea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta and the central and western regions the four industrial aggregation pattern . Among them, as the networking industry development area, the layout of Guangdong province most rapidly, and strive to achieve the 2020 goal of the IOT market size of 740 billion yuan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, cultivated in Foshan, the five major industrial base in Shunde, Shenzhen networking industry innovation pilot area.

in the trend of promotion, networking industry chain gradually improve the active form, the layout of things unified. Through the downstream market demand driven, from the bottom to promote enterprise layout, improve technical capabilities, in the relevant funding and policy support, to achieve the flourishing development of the Internet of things.

(m2mindustrial chain structure)

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