A food brand a year should be on how many new products?

Food and beverage brands new products

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no accident, the director of research and development, product director, director of brand and new product development plan submitted next year. Style= >

pro, have found that "a year should be on how much food brand new" this problem, buried several not easy to be found in the pit? Style= >


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two ways the biggest difference is that the company's main resource allocation is completely different. Style= >

necessary reminder:

no matter what oriented, responsible for the result of people must be clear. Style= >

if the sales results from the product, brand two departments together, the results must be equal to no one is responsible for.

after closing for the night in addition to the fire lights to be on duty overnight, other lights are off this little thing, if everyone is responsible, you must rest assured, often the customs did not close to open is not open. But if you specify the last person responsible for the departure of the shop, because the person in charge of this specific, the results must be completely different.

back to the sales results for this thing, the product or brand Department Department, any department can be responsible for. Style= >

is that millions of millions of million can not be jointly responsible for the two departments. Style= >

2,, what kind of specific financial indicators to measure? Style= />

If only to the number of sales oriented, rest assured, some more and more low gross margin......

if based on gross profit rate oriented, rest assured, the director of research and development and brand director but wrangling, one that I made responsible for the development of such a good product you do not sell, another said by you oh what is called the product how to sell you try it yourself... "" > and then accidentally put to operation involved.

eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

if the sales volume and gross margin oriented, assured, developed good sales gross margin is also a good product, the sale price is very low.

it is difficult to break through, if things go on like this instead of per capita and the inevitable trend of increasingly low. Style= >

monthly / year, the single product gross profit (rather than gross margin) * number of months / years of sales and get a data, I called the "". Style= >

the total contribution of the gross profit margin is the gross profit (price), gross margin, sales of all dimensions of the data together.

to climb the road, must be more and more strong.

food, rent, labor costs irreversibly increased year by year, for products set increasing single product gross profit contribution to offset.

this data will lead to a financial product the best direction of evolution:

which is commonly known as the .


3 first or the first new sophisticated core products? Style= >

because there are equally important even more important indicators of brand:

core products, signature product "month / year single product gross margin the total contribution to the upgrade.

if you ignore the core product, the brand signature product dimensions, the arena will pop r & D what what, it will consider consumers' brand cognition is diluted, will not overdraft the future of the brand.

once based on the market heat type new opportunities, accidentally sold better than core products, it would be bad.

from the perspective of brand, like in the pawnshop pawn brand in the future. Remember again precious things, cash in the pawnshop is scrap price.

obtained in this way every 1 dollars in sales, overdraft are the future of 10 dollars, or even more...

relatively healthy way, is the first to focus resources on core product improvement. Style= >

once again improve the core products, and the development of a new ">

the cycle repeats two pronged approach to step by step forward to promote the brand and sustained performance.

every time for core products to sophisticated, brand is a moat to broaden and deepen step by step to widen the gap with competitors.

to make a brand, want to see it in fact, not necessarily how complex.

from sophisticated core products, everything is just a matter of time.

mind may have emerged in every city that attract diners sought environment why why service product awesome Street flies restaurant?

to concentrate resources on the product, the core product of the effort, every real action is the origin of the material and marketing. Style= >

this is the most powerful weapon of food and beverage brand: "the product is marketing". Style= >

back Title:

a brand a year how much is new? Style= >

never a food and beverage brand by the number of products to win. Style= >

to quality rather than quantity as the evaluation of product scale.

real competition, from the first time, days and months multiplying, never stop self improvement and remodeling.

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