77% hit rate, Durant have any reason not to choose the warriors, perhaps only a threat to

Durant hit rate

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today visited the Boston sports city road warriors, to 104:88 easily beat the Celtics victory. Among them, Kevin Durant has nothing to do with the strength of 10 in the 13 cut 23 points, positive and negative values up to +32 points. Once again proved to be the right to join the warriors.

Durant left once defeated him with thunder the warriors, has always been a "good old" Durant suddenly became the enemy of the league. "Super villain" for the warriors, it is better to say for Durant a person. But speak the truth, Durant really have what wrong? Is it worth the whole earth fans to curse him?


Durant is a pure scorer, as if he is to score. Students. Perhaps there is a certain relationship with his character, Durant is not like James control role players, more like magic time mcgrady. And light on the means and ability to score, Durant is not worse than anyone. In a few years ago, less into the union, the brain is not so good, Durant 4 times a single nuclear score. He is as stubborn as Jordan Kobe, after growing up in a little Wei, need to compromise when happily choose to sacrifice their own data.

in thunder when Durant and Westbrook feeling is two knives Jiaocheng a pair of scissors, occasionally very sharp intersection, but the lack of overall sense. Especially with Westbrook controlled field force is more and more strong, more and more characteristics of Durant can not play, belong to his that half the increasingly fine scissors. Even if the brotherhood is again good, this comes from itself on the properties of contradictions still difficult to reconcile. (here remember James F4 filed last year, Paul Wade did not say first, James and Anthony want to coexist in a team's whimsical, this is not the problem. They can solve the good feelings)

to the warriors, Durant soon the Warriors into the big three, a tsunami brothers brothers upgrade, just like a duck. Durant has demonstrated before the team did not show the attributes of thunder, we found Durant playing without the ball so well.

for the warriors, more gratifying is that when the warriors need, Durant still can be turned into a knife.

three giant warriors as everyone knows, is most dependent on the system of the big three, even if the library has certain ability to attack the ball, but the light on the singles ability is not super. The playoffs last season, the repository of three lines outside the two attack There was no parallel in history. press play, very frustrated. But no one can help him. But with Durant the knife, even if it is to attack the ball, Durant is more of a threat, the team which also have the ability to give two people press three from the library?

date of the season eleventh games, Durant, the library field is 27.9, by scoring sixth. Is the only team with two people into the top 10 in the presence of the score, and they hit the score is the highest score. The free throw percentage of Durant's 3 points. Two people on the same into the 180 club. Within a year, two of 180 clubs, it has been 70 years for the first time, but still a team of both.

no doubt, as a basketball player, choose to join the warrior is in line with the characteristics of Durant playing ball.

  • Durant" isc11 "

14 actually had a feeling that these warriors, like Durant, curry and Thompson, compared to the United States, it is closer to the Chinese character, well versed in a middle course.

in the Toronto Raptors when road warriors. Durant, by rapper Drake humiliate, but Adu just quietly turn aside and ignore. One might say that this is a cowardly, please, Durant just two to take him down, do not respond to the strong weak provocation can not be weak.

and the next game in Toronto and Durant was also not upset by the action (for such a super scorer, angered by the consequences of O'neal's 35 hit the 61 reference, 23 boards) said that Ming Durant's personal accomplishment is really beyond the ordinary.

as everyone knows, the warriors locker room atmosphere is a rare good League, every road will be in dinner. Super villians party also held a few days ago curitiba". Several major players, in addition to Green, a character of publicity is responsible for the maintenance of aggressive foreign Warriors (which is also very important, it is a team of competitive sports, not without temperament), curry soup like God modest low-key, amiable and easy of approach, Durant is a good man, how can not get along well. May make Durant more relaxed, curry and Green are high EQ people, but also to take care of his teammates in the details of the mood. And in the past Durant should be the one to take care of other people.

  • about Du Shaohe Westbrook

Durant said Neville less is not avoid the topic.

their feelings once touched a generation people. Maybe this is the source of "betrayal".

Durant and Westbrook feelings spread to write, like Kang crape myrtle mountain has no longer heaven.

two finals, the young men they eventually crashed in hot fire three giant, after finished the game, Durant sat alone in the back for a long time but god. Known for its big nerve Westbrook saw, he went with his head like a calf like touch less Du head. Less Du also touched the Westbrook's head to express their feelings, the warmth of the scene is captured by cinematographer, so that everyone moving. (see can not see GIF can focus on the name WeChat, too soft)

last season in the first round of the playoffs, and Dallas after the news conference, reporters asked Westbrook a sharp question: for the Mavericks owner Cuban said: "the thunder team only a superstar, how do you see" (Cuban Westbrook not only is a super giant, all star). Westbrook somewhat be caught off guard this problem is quite tricky, but also relates to teammates, Westbrook answer is not appropriate. But when Durant stood up on the Westbrook without thinking, don't let microphone Westbrook opening: "he is an idiot, he is an idiot, this is what we want to say all, he is an idiot. Next question." Huduzi attitude without hesitation not only touched Westbrook, also moved all the people inside and outside the screen.

to tell the truth, Cuban is holding Durant to loss Westbrook, the less Du without hesitation, mercilessly said Cuban is an idiot. Put yourself in, who can directly call so praise you? But in order to power less, Durant can. This rapid response, but also that Durant is completely justifying behavior by nature.

thunder double less talent and feelings. Let's not to love the bursting of the talent team.. Last push, do not know how many people stand in between the two and 73 thunder talent group wins the epic warriors, the two teams to stagger a year, each cup (although the last who didn't win)

actually Durant's character and his teammates who do will be harmonious, the difference is he needs to take care of others. In the face of difficult to have a little paranoid Westbrook, Durant is to take more Westbrook glass heart.

instead, Westbrook is that appearance is a thorn, but who is good to me, who is the brother really stubborn character, perhaps this is why no brothers left Westbrook accept it, if not the most pro brother, go away, I don't Russell Wesbrook care.

Westbrook in a series of Durant after the early renewal in 14, including, it seems more like Durant made the decision after stimulus, angry. Of course, this is certainly not an option for a player who is less than a bar for a rib..

Durant knows, of course, even if you know I made the right choice, or to leave the heart feel guilty of thunder. So back to Oklahoma City by Westbrook big cap after this is the expression.

why "isc11"

(Westbrook) knows what he wants, but I don't Yes, I still need to find the answer.

maybe he is telling the truth.

he confused people does not understand can only rely on their own.

he chose to run away, for the championship, but also to change a life. As for the enemy, jokes, League 30 teams only one championship. Is there any team is not "enemy" is "teammates"? Brave and strong, the atmosphere is good. Now that you are looking for a new student, Durant, of course, needs to go to a more competitive team. Even if it's just for the championship - it's the best choice for him. In order to do the so-called public opinion, and to choose the same season eyebrows brother? People, as long as the brain is not a fool, will make the same choice. Speak the truth, Durant did not do anything wrong. The word "betrayal" of public opinion, just imitation of the hat.

maybe the whole thing biggest regret Westbrook is injured the heart of glass, although Westbrook pretended not to care, but the broken heart all the world to see through. But the world which has the perfect thing, even if the feeling is good, the play has been in conflict, how can I do? Maybe a little more suited to a small Jordan or Griffin, like Paul, like to play it. If Durant left the team, public opinion is positive, but playing and living in the uncomfortable feeling that someone for him to resist it? Not to carry their own.

if the Russell Westbrook is the lone hero, adhere to a city. That Durant apparently did not want to be a hero of the determination, he was calm, more like an ordinary white-collar workers, in order to find the life they want to live. Such as work unit colleagues is very good, but the content of the diaphragm should be, of course, would like to change a more promising, better atmosphere of the company, this is not very normal. Team, the league, in fact, is just a job to provide the company. The only difference is that the universe has incomparable Durant scoring ability, let him become the focus of attention. The improper selection of lone hero, what can not be abused reason.

14 is still firmly believe that in fact, a number of years later, the thunder two less animosity, Kobe and O'neal separately because they conflict, so incompatible character can hardship, and Dewey two less so, because apart the trouble?

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