Yang Yuanqing: smart terminals and sensors will be everywhere

Yang Yuanqing sensor intelligent

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if intelligent terminal is the human senses, then the cloud is the brain, the smart terminal and the perfect combination of the cloud brain, is the direction of the future of artificial intelligence. November 17th morning, the third session of the World Conference on Internet mobile Internet Forum held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China, the forum topic for artificial intelligence open the new future of the internet". Lenovo Group Chairman and chief executive officer Yang Yuanqing said that artificial intelligence will be from the lab to the public, Lenovo is also developing a new application of artificial intelligence connected to health services, personal doctors.

Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing

"artificial intelligence not only need a service platform, cloud platform, also need a hardware platform, intelligent hardware platform can connect more." Yang Yuanqing entitled "people and equipment matched hearts, together towards a smart Internet speech, by mobile phone camera as an example, as people are in competition on the mobile phone camera is good, but it is a good mobile phone camera than SLR camera. However, as long as the two connected, the phone becomes a SLR camera, and photos can be shared immediately. He said, "Lenovo now there are many new modules are being developed, the future will see more rich and colorful, such as connecting a health module, can be the doctor's personal health services and hospital, together." />

in the future, Yang Yuanqing predicted that artificial intelligence will have the following characteristics: first, intelligent terminals and sensors will be everywhere, self learning ability based on big data, intelligent terminal will be more intelligent, people are entering an era of smart things. Secondly, the interaction between human and intelligent terminal will be more natural. Third, in addition to the Internet driven by artificial intelligence, all walks of life will be more and more service oriented. Fourth, more intelligent devices, the future will be more and more, and the interconnection between them, collaborative applications will become more and more urgent, more and more important.

finally, he said that this year is the sixty anniversary of the birth of the concept of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence for sixty years we have had many fantasy and imagination, they are the passions, also worry that they are too clever in the control of human. However, people have two brains, one is left for the memory and computation, another is right can be artistic and creative activities, this machine can not be easily replaced. In the future we should be bold vision, human and artificial intelligence how to make human more powerful, life is more beautiful. />

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