The dishwasher's spring is near.


chaoliujiadianwang· 2016-11-24 23:42:31

is the kitchen industry the most fire single product. From the factory level, almost all the mainstream brands launched a dishwasher or are preparing to launch this product; from the channel, more and more dishwasher products into retail channels, Tmall double 11 pre-sale platform, the number of pre-sale of the dishwasher as high as 4, much more than other embedded electric kitchen category, in addition, Tmall has to the electric kitchen brands of the platform that 2017 will focus on the promotion of this product, I hope each big brand listed this product as soon as possible. Jingdong also held in November 21st the first Jingdong dishwasher Festival, attracting SIEMENS, the United States, Haier, FOTILE and other brands of participation.

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low of about 1%, while Europe and the United States has reached 60%-70%. China has about 390 million families, of which about 50% of urban households, nearly 200 million of the potential users of the dishwasher. As the young generation has gradually become the mainstream consumer groups, the new concept of consumption and consumption patterns are gradually become the mainstream model, dishwasher, a huge potential for development, foreign enterprises are optimistic, China dishwasher market in the next few years will achieve 30%-35% growth, or even higher. />

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The dishwasher's spring is near.

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