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weifengwang· 2016-11-24 23:43:32

this year, apple added a Bar Macbook in Pro Touch, but some people disdain to say: "please give me a touch screen MacBook, I do not touch the bar". Although the Apple Corp has said on various occasions, this is not possible, but many people did not give up, just today have a touch screen MacBook concept design, let us look at how much it is practical.

" this concept design looks is actually a running macOS iPad Pro, can not see the touchpad, not only interface, a keyboard, and a long may appear various scratches on the screen. Some users have seen the conceptual design, they put forward these problems:

in the MacBook touchpad, users have to click the menu bar and a variety of macOS small icon is still difficult, how to ensure that in such a touch screen MacBook, users are able to accurately perform touch screen operation. In such a screen on the macOS touch operation, the accuracy really need to make a question mark, and the user should also be very tired to operate. In addition, the keyboard and touch screen combination should be said to be the worst input settings, because you have to move back and forth between the keyboard and the screen than the keyboard and the mouse to slow.

from the map it appears that the base is only a USB-C interface, and only one interface of the base to be used? Pro iPad itself does not have so many interfaces that is because of its location. Use the metal base, rather than the fiber keyboard to protect the shell, the purpose is to enrich the function. Since the metal base has no interface, can not be extended, so in addition to the whole set of equipment increased weight, it can also have what role?

do you think the video in the MacBook Retina in the end what is the use? In addition to looking for people to feel that it is more important than the current MacBook notebook, more likely to be scratched, typing more difficult, you can find out what it highlights it?

Microsoft launched Surface Pro combo products because they are slowly turning Windows into a touch operation system. MacOS no, but Apple has professional iPad Pro touch devices, their notebook computer is thin to no friends, in this case, Apple will launch a combo product may be superfluous. What do you think of it?

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