Man saved 1 into the bank 13 million 500 thousand years after the remaining 158 yuan

Bank man public prosecutor annual interest rate

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Lin in Shanghai to do business, in 2011, he opened a current account in a bank in Hangzhou, deposit 13 million 500 thousand yuan, and then modify the account password. About a year later, Lin went to the bank to check the balance, found that only 158 yuan on the card.

even more money, about ten million is not a small number, scared out in a cold sweat Lin immediately alarm.

so, who have so much ability, the bank account money? And how do you do it? After investigation, the police found the case otherwise.

yesterday, the Shaoxing intermediate people's court held a huge fraud case.

is of high interest by

he will be 13 million 500 thousand yuan in Bank of

the defendant Lumou, 57 year old, Quzhou Longyou people. Looked from the outside, he is a big boss, manages four big companies, business finance, engineering, trade, papermaking and other industries, known as "the import of tens of millions of dollars every day".

2011 in March, Lu because of a project in Jiande, a large amount of capital turnover, they found a financial investment company in Suzhou, the boss of a certain amount of money. Money to do a major financial intermediary, Lu Mou hope to help find a lot of money to help find a large amount of money, promising to pay high interest rates.

soon, the money on the company's employees through their contact with the victim Lin.

Lin was told, as long as he opened an account in the bank, within the prescribed period does not balance inquiries, do not transfer, not cash withdrawal, do not open the electronic banking, you can get high interest rates in the 20%24%.

money anyway, there is a bank, it seems that there is no risk, Lin moved the heart. April 27, 2011, he opened a current account in a bank in Hangzhou, second days will be transferred to 13 million 500 thousand yuan.

money to an excuse to confirm the bank's internal information, to take the identity card number, account number and account number of the initial password.

for insurance purposes, Lin will deposit money, modify the initial secret, thought that sleep without any anxiety. Sure enough, after a year, Lin has received two a total of about 1000000 yuan of interest.

2012 years, Lin went to the bank to check the balance, amazed to find that only 158 yuan on the account.

has a huge deposit bank employees take wings to itself when the ghost of

1350 million actually gone? Since deposited in the bank, but also in time to modify the bank password, how will be people turn away? Who is the case in any way?

things to start from the day of the opening of the account of the forest. Once the money to get a bank card and ID card information, immediately after the report of the lo. Lumou early on with the Shangyu branch of the Bank of the member of a project (already sentenced) said, two people online banking opening soon for the account, and by the Lumou staff impersonator U shield.

so, Lin's account in his knowledge of the case was opened the back door". Although he changed the account password, but does not affect the normal use of online banking, the money in the account can still be readily transferred through online banking.

indictment charges, Lu, Qian and others through the above way, the 13 million 500 thousand yuan of Lin's turn away, the removal of the interest paid 1 million 269 thousand yuan, the actual cheated 12 million 231 thousand yuan. The funds, most of the money was used to repay the debt, to pay the high interest payments in addition to a number of loans.

in fact, this is not the first time Lu and others used this way to fraud. Prior to this, together with the money Lumou et al, in Jiangsu by about 778 million yuan of funds by way of debt service return of about 447 million yuan, the actual gain of RMB about 3.3 million yuan.

"big boss" rob Peter to pay Paul capital chain is difficult to make up the deficit was eventually arrested

in addition to fraud, and one count of Lumou is accused of altering financial ticket. In early 2009, he and a Shangyu Bank branch president Zhongmou (has ruled) collusion through altered original passbook passbook, replace the head of household, the victim Mr. Zhu on account of 80 million yuan of funds. After that, the bell will use his position, the illegal transfer of the 80 million yuan to the name of a personal account and his company account, the use of the lo, to the incident the money has not returned.

court, Lumou argued that their own in order to do business is to raise funds, this part of the money to himself with the "bank operation", will return through the bank. "I was just in a disguised form of financing, even if it is not illegal, it is illegal, there is no illegal.

prosecutor said, although he is in charge of a number of companies, but its financial situation is very confusing. He rob Peter to pay Paul, with high interest as bait to cheat money, both of them also in front of the hole. Its behavior, has constituted the crime of fraud.

yesterday the court did not in court for sentencing.

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