Chinese airshow UAV comparable to military duty model should see the gap

UAV technology the U.S. military military UAV super burn the ram engine ejection take off

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中国航展无人机媲美美军现役型号 更应看到差距

UAV during cold on the

in the past eleventh China show, China's independent research and development of various large and medium sized military UAV -- "pterosaur" "Rainbow" Tianyi "and" cloud "collective appearance, showing a rapid development of the level of human in China and the pace of our aviation equipment. Overall, these drones have with the U.S. fleet of MQ9 "Predator", "death" and other large and medium sized UAV rival, China UAV manufacturing capacity in the world has leapt to the first echelon".

but glad we still need to calm, we must see the U.S. fleet of UAVs is the last century, the product in 90s has 10 years earlier than our military equipment use, there are a number of research and development, will and has made many important breakthroughs in technology projects.

in addition, UAV development today, only a "zero casualty" "destroy" concept to measure its role in the war has apparently not enough, with the emerging technology of advanced technology, combined with the UAV, the role of UAVs in the future war in higher expectations. Next generation military strategic bombers will retain the unmanned mode, whether the sixth generation fighter still debate the unmanned mode, from which we can see a clue, that is the U.S. after efforts to develop unmanned fighter may. In the development of UAV in our country is in a good situation, we should be more calm to see the gap, the development direction of the world military uav.

in the world of military UAV development, there are two kinds of development ideas worthy of attention. First, with the most advanced, the most cutting-edge disruptive technology to create subversive uav.

US military experiment to verify the unmanned aircraft 47B - X is the representative of today's intelligent level of uav. After the first flight in February 4, 2011, X 47B has completed the takeoff and self arresting landing, autonomous aerial refueling, and manned landing aircraft carrier catapult autonomous cooperative recovery. This means that rely on artificial intelligence technology, X47B can become completely without manual intervention, control by computer, and can have unmanned reconnaissance and attack machine hybrid combat formation.

after the UAV technology has begun to transform to verify X47B combat capability, such as the United States Navy has begun to develop unmanned aerial refueling machine. The US military in 2013 released "2013 to 2038 unmanned systems integration roadmap" stressed that in the next 25 years, will make no information can get on the battlefield UAV navigation system and sensor, automatic adjustment of the target, are scheduled to complete the task. Britain and France and other countries are also vigorously develop highly autonomous uav.

SR 72 is a representative of hypersonic UAV, its biggest feature is the use of turbine based ramjet / scramjet engine, the flight speed of up to 6 Maher, plans in 2018 to enter the technical verification stage, first developed a validation machine driver, single engine, high after the formal development of practical with ultrasound double engine speed police hit one stealth UAV, conceived in 2030 armed forces.

two is to take the subversion of the use of the method to force the development of uav. Whimsy can stimulate infinite creativity in technology. The US Army is to be in full swing development of UAVs and manned and unmanned aircraft fleet combat "colony" as the representative of combat. In UAV and UAV formation combat, the U.S. Army has fast and has achieved AH 64E Fleet Combat Apache attack helicopters and MQ 1C "gray Eagle" uav. The basic principle is the general control component in AH64E is equipped with remote control MQ1C flight, sensors and weapon systems, air can take over of the original from the ground control station operated MQ1C.

of the United States Air Force UAV and UAV Fleet Combat research is being carried out, is "loyal wingman" plan. One is to be retired F-16 fighter jets into unmanned fighter, identity and the F-35 stealth aircraft wing composed of flight formation, control and accept the F-35 pilots. F-16 UAV can automatically complete the basic mission of all, without full acceptance of manual command. Another is the idea of the F-22 stealth fighter F-35 or remote control 10 or more "Predator" or "death" UAV Fleet Combat group. Stealth fighter pilot in the cockpit of a person can be UAV mission planning, flight control, reconnaissance and attack. In addition, the U.S. military is also exploring the use of unmanned aerial vehicle UAV remote control.

"bee colony" is a low cost and high efficient operation scheme. Imagine the United States Department of defense strategic capability of the office, with F - 16 fighter Mount Standard MJU - 10 / B decoy launchers, decoy launchers installed dozens of aircraft coke bottle size uav. When fighting, the fighter like the launch of the launch of the bait like a few drones out. UAV components using 3D print, complete the task without recycling. UAV can be implemented as a reconnaissance, can also act as bait, but also for electronic or suicide attacks.

in addition, the UAV is a new thing for our army, increase the intensity of equipment and training intensity, is the important link to promote the formation of combat and iterative development of the UAV as soon as possible. In the U. S., the predator series of unmanned aerial vehicles have hundreds of equipment scale, the use of millions of hours every year. Even so, the UAV accident rate is still high in the U.S., every 100 thousand hours of flying accident rate is as high as 9.31. Although many reasons, but the operation is one of the important mistakes. The current active UAV are basically remote control, remote control of UAV hundreds of kilometers even thousands of kilometers away, after all, unlike pilots sitting in the cockpit, can brain, eyes and hands, and feet, can truly feel the battlefield atmosphere, UAV remote control is difficult to achieve as man-machine as man-machine height fusion. In our country, all kinds of UAVs constantly mature, should strengthen the UAV equipment, strengthen UAV training, proficiency in order to improve the control of the UAV, mining no combat effectiveness of UAV, UAV exploration training methods, found the problem, put forward the improvement direction, foster the development of new demand. (author Zhang Wenchang unit: Air Force Equipment Research Institute)

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