Holland World War II sunk remains mysterious disappearance

During World War II Java Dereit cotton Eyre battleship

· 2016-11-25 08:28:06


foreign media reports, Holland's prime minister Lut said on the 18 1942, the battle of the Java Sea several allied warships in the wreckage of the mysterious disappearance is "unacceptable", hope that Indonesia can help solve this puzzle.

according to the Reuters in November 18 reported that Holland's defense ministry said, in commemoration of this decisive battle during World War II 75 anniversary, found a responsible search Holland, Britain and the United States battleship wreckage international diving team, in their diving location, 2 ships Holland ships "and their special" and "Java". The wreckage has take wings to itself. Part of the hull third warships "cotton Eyre", is missing.

the 3 ships were part of the allied fleet, and they departed from the allies at the last port of Surabaya, Indonesia, in order to prevent Japan from advancing to the region. The fleet defeated Japan, with warships sunk, thousands of sailors at the bottom of the sea.

, 18, told reporters: "the destruction of the war cemetery is a very serious problem for the survivors and all of us, this will cause a great impact."

lvte said during the Holland government trade delegation will visit to Indonesia, the two sides will negotiate nearly 1000 Holland sailors underwater cemetery was removed.

he said: "imagine, war cemetery...... Was severely damaged or violated, which is completely unacceptable, and now the situation is like this."

Indonesian Navy spokesman Gija Chaunyas Sipasulta said that according to international law these ships wreckage should be protected.

West Pasuerta said: "normally, these places will become ruins, but the need for consultation, the government of the country of all ships shall submit a written request to the Indonesian government."

Lu said: "Indonesia is working with us to find out the truth. It is not clear who should be responsible for the matter. The wreckage could be recycled as scrap."

the search is initiated by the Holland Karel Dorman foundation. The foundation was named after a Dutch admiral who led the attack on the Allied forces in February 1942. (compiler / Wu Mei)