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Infants and young children health newborn formula

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1, different stages of defecation patterns

1, newborn period

in the six to twelve hours after the birth of the child will be discharged. Baby in the mother to stay for more than nine months, must be through frequent bowel movements can be cleared, usually need to last a few days, several times a day, the child will gradually disappear.

warm commentary: meconium is because the baby in the womb swallowing amniotic fluid and fetal itself off many secretion etc. Therefore, meconium usually no odor, appearance is thick, dark green color is close to.

2, milk feeding period

breastfed baby stool appears more yellow or golden yellow, the appearance is soft and uniform, a bit like diarrhea, and no smell, the solution will be more frequently, but may also have no bowel movements a week, these are considered normal.

3, feeding formula

to eat milk formula children, the number of stools per day is less, and a slight smell. Appearance is usually yellow green or green, the reason is that the formula contains iron and other nutrients, if not fully absorbed by the ingredients, will make the stool with green, is the normal situation. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_0" class= =''>


warm reminder: the number of infants and young children will be the number and appearance, can be expressed in the case of digestive system function, parents can pay more attention to.


after the children began to add food to add food from four to six months later, due to the increase in food supplement category, quantity and the number of infant bowel movement will gradually similar to the adult, the color will gradually become darker in tone.

reminder: if the baby to eat more than Vegetable & Fruit foods, no odor; if eat more protein components of food (fish eggs milk), it will be easy smelly poo.

two, type 1, judge harmful fecal

solutions will usually not newborn baby after the birth of the twenty-four hours of the first row of meconium, and in three days came clean; if the child more than twenty-four hours before defecation or only a small amount of feces, abnormal conditions which represent gastrointestinal aspects.

2, water block poo

which has more milk block not digested, usually no mucus solution for about five to ten times a day will. This type is more common in drinking formula of the child, it is recommended to add some milk, to dilute it, or increase the number of feeding, but to reduce the amount of each feeding.

warm reminder: if breastfeeding, you do not need to change the way of breast-feeding, slowly adapt to the normal.

3, green

is rare poo less but more times, look for the green slime state. This type is usually caused by insufficient feeding, it is also known as the hunger for manure; but it may also be indigestion or stomach cold, be careful don't let the child's stomach exposed.

4, foam stool

poo is thin, and it contains a lot of bubbles, there are obvious sour. If you encounter this situation, a slight adjustment to the baby's diet can be normal recovery. Generally speaking, because sugar or starch components caused by too much, so the milk or sugar in the food can be reduced. In this situation,


stool with blood type can not be ignored, the best treatment to hospital immediately. The bloody presentation of diverse, general appearance is red or dark brown, with blood, blood clot or mucosa.

6, granular sheep feces

at this time the appearance of a dry and slightly hard particles state. Usually, the infant formula fed milk drink is more prone to the baby. In short, if there is such a situation, the baby will not be the solution of constipation.

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