Hearthstone Walila anchor super Yogg Saron miracle thief card group

Anchor hearthstone Sharon jug

tuwanwang· 2016-04-28 11:16:36

first, with a set of the jug card group Sharon, will show the effect is very explosive. In perhaps many small partners in doubt, Yogg Saron so a pit their card really can enter a red ladder card group? < say if you are afraid of, but the rogue version will rise your letter not letter? Hearthstone anchor tile Niang Walila yesterday in micro blog released a jug SA long thief miracle card group, I try to feel very good, specially to recommend to you, together we help thieves recovery road. Words not to say, we have to look at the card group. < p > Yogg Saron thief miracle card group details

however in fact the jug SA long thief miracle card group is not only the Yogg Saron a system, < strong > new version of the ancient gods of n'zoth is a powerful entourage < / strong >, with new rogue class orange and a new thief dead language card, the post station field ability is very strong. < many times, as long as they are not dying and n'zoth 10 strong shop opponent very difficult to solve, while opponents once resolved not to drop, then is their occupy the scene is killed. The new poison orange heart

thieves are very practical card in this group. < / strong > first, poison the heart war roar dead language to the two cards are Spell Cards, and as long as a fee. The effect is good, used to hit the batter or solution are very easy to use; and poison the heart itself is dead language followers can be resurrected n'zoth, this very much fun, with the core of the two ancient gods are able to fit. However, the strength of the < strong > poison the heart itself is very low, the figure only 32 is a two charges entourage < / strong >, so please seize the opportunity, and should not be used indiscriminately, otherwise it is easy to let their collapse in front of the opponent before the mid pressure. < now < strong > thieves lost old driver let me very uncomfortable < / strong > and no older drivers play the thief at heart how are nervous, old feel the blood line of the fall is finished, volume, which is the my personal psychological problems, don't know whether I was a person. < p > personal feeling this jug SA long thief miracle card group < strong > can choose to take a petrochemical Raptor (3 cost 34, battle roar copy a friendly entourage dead language) or is the queen (6 expends 55, dead language stochastic control opponent a valet) < / strong > the two cards are only in the mid - to play a biggest role, to a certain sense to enhance medium-term station field intensity, and card between the groups with. Incidental tile Niang Yogg Saron shows the effect

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