The baby foot amputation risk, careless mother wearing the wrong socks!

Mom baby feet socks

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moms know, baby feet of a fat little cold if it is easy to catch a cold, even in the summer also cannot let the baby stand barefoot on the floor. In addition to the baby's feet is rich in nerve endings, the outside world is most sensitive to the winter, so a pair of warm socks is not less! But because the mother has a pair of socks, almost lead to the baby foot amputation! What the hell is going on here?

because of the cold weather, the baby shower mother dressed him to buy a new socks, then the baby was comfortably asleep, watching the baby sleep mother didn't go to him. But the second day in the morning when the mother ready to change baby clothes, they found their stockings thread le to the baby's little toes, scary little toes have strangled is black … … sent to the hospital after a full treatment of the doctor, the baby's toes was finally out of danger. The doctor said: "if found later in the day, the baby's toes estimate would be amputated! Who can think of a small thread socks actually unsafe so much! In fact,

socks inside there will be less some thread, but do not put the socks over these threads are hard to be found! While the winter socks head more, longer! If the thread le to the baby's toes, to prevent the circulation of the blood that will be very dangerous. So mothers usually should be so to help the baby pick socks!

if the baby does not like to wear slippers, mother can give the baby to buy a few pairs of non slip socks. There are anti slip soft anti-skid socks feet, can prevent the baby fall in the house run. (but do not wear shoes!)

in the cold autumn winter season, to suggest the baby is 100% cotton texture of cotton wool socks or stockings, socks have a certain elasticity, the main ingredients should be wool and cotton.

thread too many socks do not buy the best

it has been said, if there is a baby wearing head to toe socks to le. If it is found that the buy back of the socks can get cut thread thread mother.

if the socks are very smooth outside, you can also let the baby to turn over the socks to wear, although it will affect the appearance, but the security is more important than anything else!

socks are too tight can not buy

because the socks are too tight will bridle your baby's feet wrist, in addition to the baby wear will be uncomfortable, will also affect the blood circulation of the foot, so long wear socks, the baby is not conducive to the development of the foot.

mothers have to pay attention to the replacement of socks, oh, because the baby's body is very fast, if the baby "grow up" is still wearing the original "small socks", but also to the baby oh!

on socks, mothers need to avoid the mistake of

the baby's body temperature regulation function is not yet fully developed, and the heat radiating function, function, when the ambient temperature is slightly lower, lower extremity circulation will be the baby's feet is not good, cool, easy to catch a cold; as the baby grows, lower limb activity increased feet touch the pedal, easily damaged, wearing socks can decrease the injury; the baby's delicate skin, if exposed to harmful substances will increase the chance of infection, wearing socks can play a protective role.

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