The driver Lianzhuang 8 cars in the garage said scared senseless stop

Library locomotive daughter car accident

zhongqingshangbao· 2016-11-25 09:58:34

driver Lianzhuang 8 car this thing sounds like a legend, but it's not just once, after June the driver hit 8 vehicles in November 24th, about 6:50 in the morning, Jiangbei first serious traffic accident happened in a period of parking Hong'en cell library. Take out Lianzhuang 8 car

a Volvo car master-slave garage, or loss of more than 50. After the incident, the first time arrived at the scene to investigate the dam, the owner will assume full responsibility for the accident. Class= img_box "

reporters rushed to the scene to see the car and the owner of the vehicle. The car is a brown Volvo City Road, crashed into the front of the fire hydrant on the wall, the left front tire has been deformed, left out, airbags all pop. Arrived at the scene of the 4S shop responsible person said the maintenance fee is estimated to be 100 thousand yuan.

" in addition, the scene also parked 5 cars hit the vehicle, the extent of damage from mild to severe head scratching crashed range, another 3 vehicles have been towed maintenance. One of the most serious injury of a Land Rover car, the front even shattered.

", a middle-aged dressed in a green coat Ms. Yang claimed to be the owner of the car, she revealed to reporters after the incident, at six this morning, she was ready to drive high school daughter to school, starting the car in the negative three and negative the two layer of the uphill slippage, back into the negative three layers including a BMW, three car. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p" then Miss Yang will turn on the car after the two layer at the turn and hit the three car parked car. "The car negative three after I completely unable to control in the rush, don't stop, I was scared senseless. "Ms. Yang said.

" reporter learned that in the eight car hit the car, the most serious is the loss of negative two car Land Rover owners Lee, "I bought the car less than a year, spent about 900000, now hit this way the. "The reporter from the 4S shop maintenance staff learned that this car Land Rover appeared in the direction of oil spills, severely damaged the front suspension system, also destroyed seriously, evaluated by Mr. Li of the Land Rover car maintenance fee will be 200 thousand yuan. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_7" class= =''>



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The driver Lianzhuang 8 cars in the garage said scared senseless stop

The driver Lianzhuang 8 cars in the garage said scared senseless stop