Shenyang was the Japanese apology Abe wax after complaints was removed


huanqiushibao· 2016-11-25 10:00:25

"Andouble xiezui waxworks"

[Global Times reporter Fang Yiran Xing Xiaojing] Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported 23, Liaoning Province, Shenyang city China a shopping center on a Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. The wax in a "918 anniversary" placards before the "bow apology" on the mouth yizuomao like Hitler. Kyodo news agency said, in commemoration of the 918 incident, the annual September 18th Shenyang will hold relevant activities, strong anti Japanese sentiment. "Abe apology wax has raised eyebrows in China on the Internet, most Chinese Internet users think that this makes people feel" ashamed "," don't question Chinese this is the only way to seek psychological comfort? "

." Andouble apology "wax reason," Global Times "reporter 24 call someone's shopping center -- Shenyang booming daduhui mall. "This is not our sponsored event", a man claiming to be the person in charge of the exhibition department store told reporters that this event is a Dandong builders take the initiative to contact the mall, "to display their works". In read the workman's wax works after the mall feel for their own customers, so the site free rent to her, the purpose is to enrich the consumer experience.

said he explained that "Abe" wax hunched posture, and the wax is a kind of special process, the material is soft, must be energized to straight. First of all exhibition wax waist are straight, but on the first day of the open circuit board "Abe" figure is out of the question, can not stand, so it shows the special body. Why stand in the "mark 918" front panels, the official said, "only temporarily put, no special meaning".

"Andouble" in the mouth of the small beard is how to return a responsibility? The responsible person told the "Global Times" reporter, for fear of being sued in reality, so the wax is not one hundred percent reduction, do processing. All figures are not marked in the name, the wax can also be said not Andouble.

in the interview, the person in charge of the Japanese media attention to comment, but said received the Japanese general consulate in Shenyang at present complaints, "Abe" has been removed. Kyodo News 24 reported that the Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang on the afternoon of 23 staff to the scene confirmed, found Andouble wax have been withdrawn, and had not been informed of the reason.

Kyodo News reported not only by a lot of mainstream media in Japan, but also caused hot Internet users in japan. Some netizens think "really like" "there is no sense of violation and others, criticism of China voice said," Japan has a lot of people could do such a thing, don't laugh at others". That a Chinese Internet voice is not the Kyodo News Agency reported, some netizens said that "Chinese not vilify abe". Vice president,

Chinese the history of Sino Japanese relations, the executive director of the Institute of the Japanese Society of high Haikuan at day 24 to accept the "Global Times" reporter the interview said that Shenyang had brutally ravaged Japanese militarism, it partly reflects the local public dissatisfaction with the Japanese mood, that needs to maintain the development of Sino Japanese relations of mutual respect and properly handle. He said that the incident is not the official acts of China, the Japanese media over the practice of excessive speculation is wrong.

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