Pregnant in October, postpartum care of pregnant mother must know the taboo

Postpartum taboo lactation bath

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after 10 months of waiting, finally pregnant moms smooth real estate under the baby, into the rest of the "month period". We pay attention to the Chinese traditional "confinement", stressed in one month after birth should take care of the body, so for the next few decades down the root cause. But, what kind of nursing method is correct? These taboos can be avoided.

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cartoon copyright a taboo: do not pay attention to clean the

by the traditional custom of confinement does not touch the water, some mummy very taboo shampoo, bathe in during the month, but this practice is very dangerous. Long time do not pay attention to hygiene, accumulation of skin and mucosa on a large number of bacteria will enter, causing folliculitis, endometritis, mastitis, and septicemia.

normal delivery of maternal childbirth, after 2-5 days can shower, the water temperature to 34-36 degrees Celsius, every 5-10 minutes. If the delivery is not smooth, excessive bleeding or wound, and usually the poor health of people, also can let the family help sooner or later to warm sponge bath. In addition, because most of the time need postpartum new mother lying in bed, family members can better prepare professional maternity pad surface soft, absorbent (such as Duoya production, to prevent dirty sheets, mattress) to create a new mother clean health environment as much as possible.

" taboo two: love wearing tights

some mummy in the pursuit of good figure, in the postpartum period will soon not wait to wear tights, not knowing that this approach not only affect the physical health, but also not conducive to postpartum recovery, especially for caesarean mothers tights, at least until about a month postpartum to wear. Experts suggest that postpartum recuperation period should try to wear lace underwear or boxer briefs and other loose and comfortable products, let the wound feel comfortable. For example, XL code Duoya maternal towel. It is unique in that it is a section of maternal napkins, and can use as a disposable underwear, adjustable tightness by elastic straps and buckles, soft and not easy leakage, comfortable fit various figure, is the choice of the postpartum recuperation period.

taboo three: breast care

has been neglected, people have a serious misunderstanding about breastfeeding, breastfeeding can cause breast sagging, so many important body of women will avoid breastfeeding. In fact, lactation can make progesterone secretion, and protect, repair the breast, breast health is more favorable. But during breastfeeding, new mothers must pay attention to breast care, do not use soap or other lotion to clean the breast, but should choose to use a clean wet towel, dipped in water to gently wipe the nipple clean.

taboo four: indiscriminate use of sanitary napkins

production, maternal genital area usually have a wound. General sanitary napkins made of synthetic fibers, the friction coefficient is large, easy to produce stimulation of maternal sensitive wound, increase maternal pain, causing maternal infection. At the same time, the ordinary sanitary absorbent in general, difficult to cope with a lot of postpartum lochia, not only with sticky, uncomfortable, but also easily lead to leakage, reflux and rapid breeding of bacteria, maternal wound healing is extremely unfavorable.

therefore, postpartum new mothers should be preferred for maternal care for lochia towel, and according to the different stages of postnatal targeted selection of different products. In other words, the amount of lochia 1-3 days after the general labor and delivery is the largest, the perineum skin is most sensitive, use cotton towel for women. 3 days later and postpartum puerperium, lochia amount decreases, can use the maternal napkin is more portable, convenient for postpartum rehabilitation.

took Duoya maternal towel for example, XL codes using cotton surface, 3D body design, and the length of 620mm, is designed for the new mother in the early puerperium, comfortable and not easy to hit. The L code is more focused on lightweight flexibility, shorten the length of 400mm, and the Doria transient absorption nursing technology, full support for instant absorption, let a new mom in the late puerperal free and unfettered.

five: taboo is not timely urination and defecation

some postpartum new mother, because of fear of the toilet will hurt the wound, not always timely timely urination and defecation, this approach is not desirable. Urinary retention will not only increase the chances of urinary tract infections, but also increase the full bladder may also cause uterine displacement, affect the uterine contraction and recovery, and even cause uterine bleeding.

in order to avoid urine retention, it is recommended that the new mother can be every 15-20 minutes to shrink and relax the pelvis 5 times, this can stimulate urination, but try to avoid the use of urinary catheter. If you want to use the catheter, to pay particular attention to hygiene, puerperal pad must be frequently changed, while cleaning the perineum. Under normal circumstances, 2-4 hours after birth the new mother will begin to urinate, if still not 4 hours after urination, suggested that the new mother in time to find a doctor.

for each maternal, postpartum recovery period is very valuable and can not be wasted, can not return to the peak before the birth of the value of the peak I am afraid it will have to rely on it. Therefore, the new mother who want to learn to take care of themselves, for their own choice of the right way of nursing and care products, so that their postpartum rest more satisfactory.

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