14 years old girl will hurt the campus Dutch act

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fenghuangwang· 2016-11-25 22:53:15

1/511 on Sept. 21 at 7 pm, Guangdong Meizhou City, a middle school in a very sad thing, a second girl died in the Dutch act. According to the school to find a letter written on her desk, "why am I going to school in the end? Because I hope I stood on the bridge of a final look at the world, see not ghastly so-called "family", but in the classroom you". Source: Nandu video journalist Zhou Songbai

2/5 high school, the 21 day at 7:20 in the morning, 14 year old Xiao Huang carrying red bag appeared in teaching building, then went into the floor of the Women's Room. 6 minutes later, Huang came out from the bathroom, ran back to his classroom, put down the bag, towards the roof of the stairs. The video screen in yellow, Fu staircase hand trembling, shaking body, display seems tired. Because the roof entrance door was locked, and difficult to return to the 4 yellow floor staircase. At this time, little difficulty walking support, straight curled up on the floor, then slowly fell to the ground.

3/5 soon, a female school teacher found her, immediately called the other to help the teacher to pick her up and rushed to hospital. Unfortunately, in the way the ambulance to take her to the hospital on the Yellow died. Today morning, Nibei middle school teacher said, the morning, Huang arrived at the school teaching building, go to the bathroom first drank 200 ml of chemical pesticides, dichlorvos, soon after the child fell on the stairs.

4/5 the teacher said, the school found a letter in her hand on the table in the yellow note, which said, "my dear friends: I'm very glad to have your short life, and you are always very happy together...... sometimes, I even to think, you are so happy, so, I plan to return home, even if the bar, or to plan to continue it. Why should I end up at school? It seems that I have nothing but friendship with you. "This time to let the tears sad Testament wrote:" tell the woman I love. I'm sorry. "There is a telephone number next to the side. The school calls in the past, found another head is yellow mother.

5/5 is about 5, 6 years ago, Huang's parents divorced. Her father was out of business, seldom in his hometown, and her mother had less to meet her. At first, she followed her aunt's life and turned to her grandparents after her high school. "Yellow learning has always been good at school, the teachers also respond to love. "Xingning city official a staff expressed regret, perhaps the school cannot completely replace the family, miss daisy in the school is not very optimistic, but we did not expect the child will eventually choose a path.

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