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To say man project library

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2016-11-25 22:53:33

Modern Express News (reporter Jin Feng) recently, Nanjing Institute of Technology, many students, to take a special photo: snow, a boy wearing short sleeved shorts, also comes with a set of folding chairs, firmly sitting in the first row of the class". In November 25th, modern express reporter was informed that this boy is a student from Nanjing Institute of Technology NC professional, he is a member of the class learning, many students are referred to as the "south project leader".

" even if very cold, snow, can not stop the enthusiasm for learning Curve Wrecker, Nanjing Institute of Technology NC professional Liu Li (a pseudonym) to say that knowledge is power.

" this is not November 23rd, snow flying Nanjing Institute of Technology, Liu Li wearing a short sleeved jacket, hands holding a folding chair, holding the umbrella, walking in the campus. Walked into the classroom, he was at the first row to sit down, self-assured or supercilious.

only wear short sleeved shorts in winter is not cold? Liu Li said that since the third year, he has a cold bath all year round, his physique and not afraid of cold, and the other has nothing to do. Moreover, he believes that the winter cold bath can make people have a sense of achievement, can exercise willpower "," you may have been accustomed to the winter jacket, long johns dress, but as far as I know, people don't wear long johns winter and meet the eye everywhere ah, bathe in the snow, so also please do not worry too much and curiosity. "

class why comes off the bench? Liu Li said that a lot of the class is a public basic course, a lot of people together. Sometimes it is too late to get a front row seat, the general class he will bring. The snow, the library is a hard to find, only carry a folding chair to ensure a seat.

suddenly become net red, Liu Li frankly, very surprised. "But still want to thank all the teachers, students, friends and the media of concern! "Red" of my will, I hope you don't be curious. "(editor Zhou Dongmei)

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