Positive preheating! Nintendo released "Mario Parkour" hand-painted set map

Nintendo Android hand travel including China

wangyiyouxi· 2016-11-26 02:30:19

in less than a month's time, Nintendo's Mobile Games "super Mario Parkour" will be in 151 countries and regions App Store shelves, official is positive for the game preheating. After the publication of the latest promotional video in some time ago, the official twitter announced the game art hand-painted set map, which we can see many of Mario's iconic action, including jumping, moving and attacking etc..

" according to previous news, "super Mario Parkour" will be officially on in December 15th, the Android version is also planned, but the last time is uncertain. Games with traditional Chinese and other 11 languages, but unfortunately, the region does not include the first Chinese mainland. When the demo version of the game will be in the app store for free to download game player version of the game, while the official price of $9.99 (about 68.5 yuan), but Nintendo also said it will not add the krypton gold content, they can pay one-time game player permanent play. Author:

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