Want to do? Li Chen late at night to send Fan Bingbing and first love photos

Li Chen Fan Bingbing photo wedding

tanzi· 2016-11-26 07:19:38

Li Chen yesterday in micro-blog posted a picture of Fan Bingbing many years ago stills, brother thought Li Chen was the show of affection, but a closer look, only to find Fan Bingbing the next person seems to be her first boyfriend Li Jie!

my day! Now her ex boyfriend and girlfriend. This is a few mean? To engage in things? "

" may be a lot of people who don't know about Li Jie, but Li Jie also played a lot of drama, say one or two, Yapeng version of "The Legendary Swordsman", the red enchanting forest that he played. That is not right, see light suddenly, he is, beauty and evil coexist! Brother is the heart of love, and it is said that he played by Jin Yong. But Lin father praised ah.

" again department are very optimistic about the drama is the brother of 08 years "Legend of the Condor Heroes", Li Jie Ouyang grams played handsome and love! When a lot of people say he played Ouyang is second person, appearance and feelings, are handled very well, so many people love his version of "Ouyang", the acting is very good, just do not know why there has been no fire.

said his relationship with Fan Bingbing, now online search out the most relevant content and Fan Bingbing.

, but two people had talked about love so there will be related is normal, then the outside world with Fan Bingbing Li Jie has seen his parents, two people almost got married, but no matter how are things not to mention the past.

elder brother want to say is Li Chen why to put such a picture? In fact, speaking of Li Chen and Fan Bingbing's romance began because of "Wu" this drama, saying later is truly an amazing drama, because this drama also played the role of Li Jie (one of Aarif Lee did not say, the king of Wu Li Jieyan).

" his character is also funny, the plot arrangement is the king of Wu love Wu Mei Niang, two people work a lot, perhaps because two people had a lot of friends, so love with these things.

says most probably play two eyes play, many netizens said each time the king looked at Wu Mei Niang, have deep love out of the casual look, very deep, my eyes, and very naturally, stills a look really ah.

" but for these details I want to say, this does not rule out Li Jie's eyes can really act, take the love of his brother Ouyang Ke, Ouyang g eyes are full of drama, since it is so act the story needs Li Jie how may not. But users will take the normal photo of two people is off screen intimate photos of what ah, actually look at the photos is a general picture ah, the relationship between the two is not completely stiff, the feeling is a good friend for many years.

" and the drama dance is Li Jiejiao Wu Mei Niang, so in publicity, publicity for two people also need to dance, do not see the embarrassment.

" but at the same time, Li Chen also in this drama, for the relationship between two people he didn't know it would be strange, estimation is the recent frequent photo and contact, so much the Internet is a great black and groundless talk, not jealous (micro signal: tanziapp) over? Look at the recent Fan Bingbing and Li Chen photo, Li Chen's face and eyes were not so natural, is like a touch of some dissatisfaction and preoccupied by some troubles!

" so big black cattle that a picture is indeed meaningful ah, but brother want to say two, since people together to cherish, after all, is not easy, or hope that the next stage two can open early in life, blessing!!! Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_14" class= =''>


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