Barcelona football club official overseas flagship store settled Jingdong

Barcelona club flagship store Jingdong football

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10 31, the world became the focus of attention of the Barcelona football club and the Jingdong reached a cooperation in the global purchase, Chinese's first and only official online flagship store officially settled overseas Jingdong global purchase, the two sides will work together for the millions of fans of the club China high-quality genuine goods.

in Barcelona football club's official flagship store, fans can purchase Jersey, training series, fashion, equipment, products, souvenirs, Home Furnishing Simpson an area of products. In the purchase of Jersey at the same time, will also have to include Iniesta, Neymar, Messi, Suarez and Peake, five players name free printing service.

Barcelona football club, also known as Barcelona, founded in 1899, is one of the world's popular sports club. Barcelona have a hundred years of history, won numerous trophies. The Jingdong purchased the relevant responsible person said that the Jingdong's global purchasing and Barcelona football club together, will further expand the club brand influence in China, expand China fans market, let Chinese fans in consumer homes will be able to Jingdong to buy a series of favorite team goods.

the Barcelona Football Club flagship store settled, thanks to the Jingdong's global purchasing and EZshopnetInternationalLimited (hereinafter referred to as EZ) cooperation. EZ is the Asia Pacific region only a large e-commerce football professional services company, to establish a partnership with the world first-class football clubs and associations to provide e-commerce professional knowledge leading market for football.

as one of the largest business platform China, Jingdong in the international trade field influence is a step to expand. This together with the Barcelona football club, not only for the Chinese fans to bring quality genuine Club merchandise, will further promote the domestic quality of consumer upgrades.

(source: 21CN)

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Barcelona football club official overseas flagship store settled Jingdong

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