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Mom lactation milk recipes

lingyuwang· 2016-04-28 14:00:52

breastfeeding mothers, most worried about is the lack of milk, baby no milk. Therefore, for lactating mothers, how to make sufficient milk has become one of the key things they care for postpartum. Then what to eat milk? Xianai recipes and what it?

Xianai remedies in the: rice wine

1. laid eggs: rice wine laid eggs is simple and easy to do homemade Xianai recipe Oh, practice is to cook take appropriate amount of water into the pot boil after adding wine, change in the fire to boil rice wine (upper layer of foam is clear look at the individual, does not affect the effect, a small fire to the pot boiling again after the circle by adding eggs eggs scattered modified, eggs cooked add sugar stir and mix thoroughly can out of the pot.

in addition, can also be used rice wine boiled eggs.

2. pumpkin: "Journal of traditional Chinese medicine" reports of maternal milk less pumpkin seeds help. Each take 15 internal seed mash pumpkin seeds hulling student, with the amount of boiled water, daily morning and evening to take 1 times, generally continuous 3-5 days that bear fruit.

3. eggs fresh lotus root soup: take fresh lotus root 250g, three eggs, boil with water, peel shell lotus root, soup, egg and eat together, usually around 7 days to be effective.

Ps: I really very hard to drink, drink, anyone can try JM.

4. of black sesame seeds: the black sesame fried research into a powder with a little salt, a better effect with pig's trotters soup delivery service Oh pea

5.: stagnation of Qi due to depression of the liver in milk unreasonable mother edible cooked peas, peas have and lower gas.

6. radish: radish leaves are commonly known as milk for urination bleeding, early diarrhea effect. Practices: take the amount of fresh juice radish leaves Daolan, Weihuo heated, dripping wine or liquor can be taken; for milk unreasonable, breast lumps, swelling and pain oh mother.

taboo: not with ginseng, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Radix Rehmanniae and other food.


1, through the grass carp soup prolactin

raw material: carp 1, 6 live pith restraint of law: first, clean the fish to the scales to organs, then add rice together boiled crucian soup when eating. Eat fish soup, drink 2 times a day, 3-5 days to drink soup, should be light. Some functions: carp with the water, Tongru effect, ventilation can rice milk, soup together collocation can not only improve the lactagogue effect, but also conducive to women the body to recover.

2, silver carp soup prolactin

kernel loofah material: loofah benevolence 50 grams, silver carp live 1 preparation method: First, wash the silver carp to the scales, to internal organs, and then cooked into soup with towel gourd benevolence. When pregnant women to eat less and put some soy sauce, but not salt, it is best to eat fish soup a meal, drink 1 times a day, drink for 3 days. Efficacy: loofah Ren galactogogue action, silver carp tonic and gas, Tongru efficacy, less milk this Decoction on blood deficiency caused a certain effect.

3, rice

raw material: fresh soup prolactin pig's trotters 1, pig's trotters Tongcao 3 restraint method: first the pig's trotters washed, shaved fur, and rice together in a casserole, add 1 thousand and 500 grams of water boiled soup first. With a fire emergency, open water to slow fire, cook 1-2 hours. Drink 2 times a day, drink 3-5 consecutive days. Efficacy: pig's trotters is rich in protein, fat, blood circulation is strong, can take advantage of rice Water milk, collocation are together edible Tongru effect not only good, but also promote the parturient recover as soon as possible.

4, pig bone soup prolactin < raw materials: fresh pig (cavity bone, ribs, bone ages) 500 grams, Tetrapanacis medulla 6 grams of method: wash pork, put in the pot, add water, pith and together in the pot boil 1-2 hours, until boil into a small bowl of pork soup, then add a little soy sauce 1 drink, drink consecutive 3-5 days. Efficacy: pig has the role of Qi, blood and milk and pith galactagogue effect is stronger.

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