Lippi is a little stronger than Gao Hongbo.

Gao Hongbo

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now between country full time and situation, Lippi took office, for the twelve season, fans are holding a surprise best attitude to face. But the objective point of view, Lippi still has a lot of potential will bring you a surprise.


in high military period, in four field 12 strong event lost 6 balls, the field 1.5. In the ball, many defensive mistakes gave each other a chance. Gao Hongbo for the defender selection also questioned the fans, even renhang how bad, he will be entrusted with the task.


and at this point, the Italian Lippi will undoubtedly make the fans worry a lot. No matter where the coach, Lippi's idea is to defend the supremacy. A lot of fans know that a word is called "attack to win the game, defense to win the championship". Defense based football philosophy is very pragmatic and very utilitarian. But on the pitch, the idea of such a football is often able to bring good results.


Gao Hongbo during his tenure, another fan dissatisfaction is his performance in the face of the team is not satisfactory. In the face of strong teams, Gao Hongbo's team can often surprise or "die standing", but in the face of weak, Gao Jun seems to become not playing. Tonight's Qatar in the group is also a relatively weak team, hoping Lippi can let the fans in the game to see the changes in the new country.


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