[experience] God taught you how to perform high-speed line wiring


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1 the surface, line length can not be too long, a lot of plates is not greater than 500mil.

2, in the perforated layer changing place to add a pair of GND hole, high-speed hole to the reflux hole spacing is 40mil, in the plane to do anti pad, on small capacitance and BGA in the 2 layer antipad corresponding! High speed line on the center of the hole to the center of the hole to 40mil.

3-02 small map capacitance.

3, go to the center line connector to qualify, do antipad outlet, in different ways, in the high-speed line to confirm the clear outlet way. Generally do not do as long as the connector. As shown in Figure 4 below shows the high speed hole and the backflow hole play and the connector outlet way.

4, each of the high-speed line how long, as long as mil! Customer demands, as long as in the surface layer and the inner layer are equal, before and after the small capacitor are equal, as long as the system is generally in the sending end and receiving end adjustable in length, length adjustable to PIN before DELAY imported and then set equal rules, and at the same time to confirm with customer clearly. Such as bypassing the length of the package is generally not more than the height of the height.

5, high-speed line in BGA to whether the safety distance can back drilling. If the BGA in the high speed line hole does not make the back drill whether in the BGA in the double line design.


6, the high-speed line should pay attention to the same layer of long distance signal transceiver (200mil if the number of wiring, above) is not enough, we must go with the layer line also need to increase the spacing can be adjusted in much more; Differential coupling place to try to ensure the minimum, especially in the wire stack pad, in which to set the rules without coupling error; high speed line is possible for 8 holes, and the reflux hole GND corresponds to 10 of the hole. With the number of holes and customers to confirm clearly oh! Style=

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[experience] God taught you how to perform high-speed line wiring

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