Columbia ended more than half a century of civil war.

Government Columbia civil war Century

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local time on November 24th, brother president and rebel "brother Wu" leaders signed the peace agreement for map /

Columbia President Santos and the country's largest anti-government armed forces of the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as "brother Wu") the · leader Rodrigo Londono; · echeverri brother 24 in capital Bogota formally signed the peace agreement new. Earlier, the Columbia people's referendum rejected the initial peace agreement, the two sides continue to negotiate a misunderstanding, after seeking the opposition views and substantially modify the content of the agreement, the final agreement.

peace agreement in striking one snag after another

2012 years, China, Cuba and Norway as a guarantee to Venezuela and Chile as a mediation framework in observation, the two sides began negotiations in the Cuban capital of Havana.

at the beginning of the negotiation, mutual trust, and negotiations, to June this year, the two sides signed a ceasefire agreement, but some sensitive problems and experience of a few days of arduous negotiations to reach agreement. In September 26th, the Columbia government and the "brother" in the coastal city of Cartagena, Columbia signed a peace agreement, and decided to hold a referendum in October 2nd, in order to clear the legitimacy of the content of the peace agreement.

however, the voting results are surprising, the peace agreement failed to pass. As the opposition leader, former president of Columbia Alvaro · Uribe believes that the peace agreement of "brother Wu" too many concessions, especially the "Frank from prison" and "brother Wu" into a legal party, to participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections and so hard to accept. Peace agreement was rejected by a referendum. President

to "rescue" the peace agreement

after Columbia President Santos acknowledged that the peace agreement failed referendum said, "I will continue to seek peace, until the last day of the term, because the only way (peace), our children have a better future. "

from 3 days of this month, the two sides in the Cuban capital of Havana for a period of 9 days of negotiations, the final consensus on 12 in Havana, the signing of a new peace agreement.

Columbia government and the "brother Wu" in a joint statement that, after the comments from all walks of life in Columbia, the two sides on the previous peace agreement was modified, added, reached a new peace agreement. One of the most important modification is the requirement of the "brother Wu" "sun" a complete list of property, as a compensation for the victims.

Santos said that the new peace agreement in the adoption of the opposition views to make a substantial adjustment, the new agreement than the original peace agreement, more reasonable, more accurate and more clear".

Santos had said that the new peace agreement will not be submitted to the referendum, and will send the approval of congress.

brother leader request to forgive

"brother" was founded in 1964, is the largest in the territory of the armed forces of the rebels, the current member of more than 8000 people. Since 60s last century, the armed conflict between the armed forces and government forces continued, resulting in about 200000 deaths, millions of people have been displaced.

Rodriguez · Londono · echeverri at the signing ceremony on behalf of "brother Wu" to the victims of armed conflicts to forgive, and said the new peace agreement will end the armed conflict in Columbia for half a century, is the common aspiration of all the people in Columbia.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 24, issued a statement by the spokesman, welcomed the government of Columbia and Costa Rica officially signed a new peace agreement on the same day. The statement said Ban Ki-moon appreciated the parties to end the long-term conflict resolution, pointed out that the implementation of this agreement is essential, and hope that the people of Columbia to unite and promote the peace process. The United Nations is willing to provide all the necessary support. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency

by the end of the 50 years of civil war memory

brother president won the Nobel Peace Prize

despite the "first edition" peace agreement by referendum rejected, but Santos opened negotiations and promoting peace efforts worthy of admiration. Norway Nobel committee chairman Feiffer announced the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Santos of Columbia, in recognition of its efforts to end the country's 50 years of civil war, which lasted years.

Pfeiffer read the decision of the Nobel Committee said that despite all difficulties and hardships, Columbia people never give up hope for peace seeking justice. The award can also be seen as a tribute to the people of Columbia and to the parties involved in the peace process.

Pfeiffer pointed out that Santos's negotiation signed a comprehensive peace agreement with the government of "brother brother Wu". Despite the peace agreement in a recent referendum has not been passed, but this does not mean the end of the peace process, most of the voters just against a particular peace agreement, instead of rejecting the desire for peace.

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