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sponsored by VSPN, the final full title sponsor of the unified ice Black Tea IGL 2016 International Game Alliance, today in Shanghai International Sports Center (formerly Expo Park Africa Pavilion) held.

events for a period of 2 days, respectively, on November 26th (Saturday) and 27 days (Sunday). On the first day of the "heroes of the league," the entertainment and the finals, and the next day will be the "Royal war" and "CS:GO" final.

" although Shanghai is cold, you are in Shanghai at the end of this year the most cold day, but there are still many viewers and fans watching the enthusiasm of the venue All seats are occupied. winter shuanghan already resolved.

with active RNG player Looper, retired players and anchor White, video producers and commentary of guns n 'roses and millet, played popular male artist Mark, Olympic gymnastics champion Teng et al., the scene of passionate wave after wave. They tell their own stories and gaming, convey love to LOL. More with the KA women's team performances, the game will be passed to the joy of each audience.

" in the tournament finals, YW team by making two hard to chase three, defeated the rival team SC, won the IGL 2016 League title.

at the end of the game, we will pommel horse champion Teng Haibin interviewed on the world class single player Looper and gymnastics of Athens Olympic Games:


Q: as RNG's "single, but you also won the exclusive of the skin, the Alchemist is such a difficult play the hero, Looper has the skills and experience to share what game player?

A: one is to die, to handle their own role in their team. And the multi play can improve Q skills, should pay attention to the switch, very mana.

Q: this time to participate in the IGL, there is something special experience it?

A: This is a feeling of interaction with the fans.

Q: a new version of the season that you've played, what do you think of a single position? What are the hero for the new version, can be recommended to the general game player?

A: single overall not much change, but the new talent trees, let Bobbi this kind of partial meat hero play better.

Q: this year's competition basically ended, and that you have any expectations for next year,

A: do your best to play well on the line.

Q: please seriously evaluate the Mata player.

A:Mata is very good.

Q: today the first Bureau of SOLO, and the operation of the mouse you tenghaibin a keyboard, a person, how do you communicate with?

A: I think there is no good communication, did not play well.

Q: the second game show, do you know the opposite is my sister?.

A: it should be a little more fierce, the beginning did not press too dead, leading to the loss of the back of the game.

Q: if the girl games on weekdays, you will never?

A: usually do not know each other is not a woman. After the

Q:TP is changed to 4.5 seconds, you think pub is with TP or

A or better ignition?: TP on the team to help more.

Q:Mata after leaving the RNG, what do you think you need to do to make up for this vacancy?

A: a powerful helper.

Q:Easyhoon and Dandy and some other South Korean players to China, like the mahjong, landlords and the like Chinese characteristics of the game, do you usually have to play this kind of it?

A: No, no play.

": Teng

Q: do you think what is the difference between the traditional sports and gaming?

A: gaming is an emerging sports project, we have a lot of traditional sports athletes also love to play, but also hope to cybersports players more exchanges, cross-border comparison popular now. Traditional sports and gaming have a lot in common, there are some differences. But the most important thing in common is that want to become a top professional athletes, all need to work hard all year round, in order to achieve the ideal.

Q: retired after your time too much, that they often play games?

A: actually in service and we play games together but more, now retired, but married, placed in the family life of some more time. Before playing with his teammates, because the long-term stay in the team, with them a little more than the chance to open some.

Q: what do you feel about the IGL series?

A: to participate in this competition, the feeling is very lively, stage lighting what, very cool, it is not the same with us gymnastics, gymnastics competition venues than good.

Q: you play LOL, the love which the hero?

A: I LOL playing very well, but I played most of the ice.

Q: as a gymnastics champion, you think what can learn from the local traditional sports gaming?

A: we are a perennial gymnastics training, training of great strength. On the other hand, the training also allows you more understanding. And gymnastics and also team training, so that everyone on each other's interests and habits have more understanding, I personally think that this can be used for reference.

Q: today's SOLO tournament, you and the Korean Looper is how to communicate?

A: some of the communication is not smooth, coupled with my beginning is not used, did not play this model. We walk in his head, and I shall be responsible for the issue orders left and right, skills, what is coming but he said that every time I have to think about the reaction, and the scene is very lively, a lot of he said I didn't hear you, so can't what understanding.

Q: there are players in order to maintain their ability to react, and actively carry out physical exercise, do you think this is beneficial?

A: I think there is a mental response, but also need the flexibility of the body. As far as I know, a lot of players are going to do some sports, such as soccer ball games, not only by the spirit of the reaction, muscle reaction is also very important.

Q: then you usually play in the area LOL?

A: Freire Juud.

Q: how long have you been playing

A? LOL: it should be from 12 years when I was preparing for the Athens Olympic Games, when the team also has an ice, Zou Kai, Feng Zhe, Zhang Chenglong, almost exactly 5 people. Also in order to strengthen the team's tacit understanding, they pull me to play with LOL, is also the first time I play online games.

Q: for eSports project bid. What's your opinion?

A: I am very supportive, also hope to join the Olympic family gaming. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_3" class= =''>


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