The guest performers Stefanie Sun frequently appear on the stage out of lead users Tucao

Stefanie Sun Tucao guest performers out of tune comment

guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-11-27 08:21:23

" in November 26th, the fifty-third Taiwan Film Awards in Taipei Sun Yat Sen Memorial hall. That night, Stefanie Sun as a guest, debut stage, so many viewers look forward to.

" but, surprisingly, the performance of Stefanie Sun has frequently been out of tune, many netizens Tucao: "as the scene of the accident." Universal Music response said: "prepared for more than 2 months, the show made a very careful planning. Yesterday dress rehearsal, the reporter found that she had a cold, she also admitted that from Monday to start a cold, is still scheduled to come to Taiwan, just try! I hope that we can support these intentions, like all of the guests, with support horse feast determination in the mind, do not want to be put out."

表演嘉宾孙燕姿亮相舞台 频频走音引网友吐槽


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