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ITzhijia· 2016-11-27 08:32:32

programming is a continuous development of the industry. At some point, you may be honest with your skills, and come to the conclusion that you have fallen behind the curve. If you are a professional, so it is very easy to do, because a lot of the time you don't need to push yourself to round the clock. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_0" class= =''>


to use knowledge

in new ways is not to do anything different. Construction of the response of the site's experts will only build responsive website. They may even be using standard templates to reduce the time required to complete each project. This is the reason we become complacent.

stretched out his hands to touch the new things and to do something new. Try something different. Use new ways to use your knowledge. It will help keep your skills fresh and force you to learn new ways to overcome obstacles.

from scratch a new language

programming is one of those businesses with a lot of language. As a professional, you only need to know a number of selected to perform their duties. But there is an argument that you want to learn a lot of different languages. Extending your knowledge will teach you to accept challenges in a new way, and to point out when that knowledge will come in handy.

starts a new language from scratch. Review the reasons why you like programming, learn from scratch, and feel the passion of learning.

professional do

any good programmers know, learning from the book is far from enough. The only way to grow is through experiments. The best way to gain experience is to enter a professional field. By providing customers with new services will be put under pressure again.

to install the office furniture business as an example. The only way you can get better is by challenging yourself. This same principle applies here.

if you have enough knowledge to add new services, you will learn a lot during the trip. If you can't handle a new project you've never met, it's likely that you're already out, you need to change.

to stop using the framework

framework for programmers, it is really great, because they can help you to overcome the problem, but do not need to put in the hard work. Younger programming professionals can't even imagine what the world is without a frame. It is true that the framework makes things faster, but it weakens your skills.

if you can avoid this problem, then you will never need to learn how to overcome it. When, throw away the framework to try one, try to solve their own problems. You will learn something new, and by understanding how they work, you can make a better understanding of the framework.

code reviewer

a great way to learn is to hire an expert to view your code. You need to do your best to search for those who have the ability to review the code, once you have them, then they will be invaluable. Send them your code, and they will give you some instructions to show you how to improve your skills.

the only way to find someone better than you. A lot of professional programmers don't want to do that.

compared to this method used in learning a new language on the more praise. Some people will point out all your mistakes and offer tips on how to be more good. Professional athletes are often trained in this way, professional programmers should also be the same. Conclusion: the best way to keep the


encoding technology to sharpen the knife is to keep the encoding. The more code you write, the better you will be. Most programmers find their skills decline when they stop coding. Leave for six months, in this short period of time, the whole business will change.

how do you think you can't let your coding skills degrade over time?

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